DaniLeigh Opens Up About ‘Very Triggering’ Fight With DaBaby On IG Live

DaniLeigh Dababy
DaniLeigh, Dababy

DaniLeigh is telling her side in her first sit down since the highly publicized break up with “Rockstar” rapper DaBaby more than a year ago.

DaniLeigh and DaBaby share a daughter, but the November 2021 fight drew criticisms for DaBaby as many called him petty and disgusting for the way he treated the mother of his child, who was three months post-partum.

During the incident, which was recorded on Instagram Live, the rapper attempted to throw DaniLeigh and their three-month-old out of his home, and he also insulted her, referring to her as a “side b***h” despite her claims (and receipts) that they were in a relationship.

In an interview with Angie Martinez for PEOPLE, DaniLeigh spoke about enjoying motherhood in her new song single, “Dead to Me,” which addresses her relationship with DaBaby for the first time.

The young rapper says the fight with DaBaby was a “very bad time” of her life, and she and the rapper were at a very bad time in their relationship.

“I would say me and him were in a very bad place in our relationship. I had left before that. Like there was a time I had left before that and we tried to work things out so I came back again and I was living there (at DaBaby’s house) for the three months. My baby was born in Charlotte so… it was a bad time, bad everything. Like we were just really going through it,” she said.

“DaniLeigh says that the things that came out on Instagram Live “was very triggering, very sad.”

She added, “I wish it didn’t happen because I don’t want my baby to see that later on in life.”

She continued, “But she’ll grow to be her own person and to be able to take things in.”

DaniLeigh baby girl
DaniLeigh and her baby

Among the claims made by DaBaby in the Live was that DaniLeigh was a side piece which she denied.

“I definitely wasn’t his side piece and he knows that too,” she said as she reflected on the drama that spanned two days and was shared live with the world.

The rapper has been criticized for his behavior, especially since he has three daughters.

However, DaniLeigh says she isn’t worried about her daughter and how she will explain what happened in the video.

“[It] “depends on the type of person she grows up to be. The only responsibility I have is to raise her to be a strong woman. She’ll feel how she feels, she’s her own person,” she says of her 8-month-old.

The live video had shown DaBaby, 30, and DaniLeigh arguing while she was nursing the newborn in bed. The rapper can be heard telling her to get out of his house. The argument reportedly began over her accusing the rapper of not spending time with his daughter since her birth.

The argument had spilled over to a second day, and this time the rapper’s family was present as he told her she was a sidepiece.

“I felt like when I spoke to him the night before he was like I was doing the most when it comes to like crying…I guess what he said he said out of anger,” she said.

The next day, the couple continued to argue about the nature of their relationship.

DaniLeigh says that “it was very selfish being that I just had our baby,” and that since then, DaBaby has never apologized and accepted wrongdoing.

“He’s like that though,” she said but noted that despite that, they are co-parenting while she grows on her own.

“I’ve learned to love myself so much more because I feel like I really did love him so much that I was just giving it all to him … I didn’t even focus on my career.”

Meanwhile, the rapper has released her new single, “Dead to Me,” which addresses DaBaby where she tells him he’s dead to her. The song is part of her upcoming EP called My Side.

The project will shed light on her growth since the drama with the rapper.

“I feel like the project is closure for me to just move on for my next chapter in life and just focus on having fun and being a mom and living life in a positive light,” she said.