Trippple X Slams Dancehall DJs Pushing The Money Pull Up Era

Trippple X
Trippple X

Expressive entertainer and social media personality Trippple X has heavily criticized local selectors for, what he says, is the degradation of the party culture in Jamaican society.

Speaking on the entertainment YouTube show, The Fix, hosted by Naro and Ari, Trippple went all in and unleashed a series of attacks on various groups in the industry he feels have resulted in the recent demise of partying in Jamaica, such as the selectors, promoters and even the partygoers themselves.

He approached the argument by declaring that the phenomenon of the ‘money pull up’ era has categorically ruined Dancehall. “I think it is one of the things that has basterdized Dancehall music,” he declared. “The worst thing weh happen to Dancehall a money pull up.”

He emphasized that the focus of some music selectors is centered more around who can get the most ‘fawud’ or, in this case, money pull up, instead of focusing more on the delivery of their product and catering to the patrons’ wishes.

The general feeling amongst partygoers in recent times has been that many events no longer cater to or dedicate segments to women or dancing songs. Many patrons have lamented about this issue on social media for the last few weeks, indicating that Jamaican parties are no longer fun and are consumed by songs that mostly speak about scamming and violence.

Trippple further elaborated on the issue by stating that most of the problem results because of greed and attention, citing that the selectors have thrown away their principles for a few moments of fame.

“The persons who want to be seen in a party and who have been rendered insignificant, the money pull up gives them a false sense of significance.”

He went on further to state that because the selectors are so “lazy and licky licky,” they do not know when to stop, and this causes parties in Jamaica to get repetitive, forcing patrons to hear the same songs over and over. He explained that the money pull-up becomes an issue when selectors repeat the same songs multiple times. These songs tend to be the ones riffed with violent lyrics or riddled with scamming references, a vibe contrary to what many women tend to enjoy at these events and one mostly the men gravitate towards.

Though Trippple did admit to benefitting from money pull up himself, he acknowledged that there must come a time when a balance is achieved.

“There are times when I have to say stop, no more, too much money a throw and the party a get lame now,” he explained. “There has to be a balance.”

The issue has affected Jamaican partygoers, particularly women, who were often seen as the main attraction to Jamaican parties. Trippple identified the pandemic as the major reason why the industry has been affected so negatively, highlighting the lack of quality selectors who were often booked during the lockdown period due to the veteran DJs migrating or leaving Jamaica to go and seek better employment.