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Wiz Khalifa Gets Banned From Met Gala For Smoking

Wiz Khalifa
Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa explains why he was not at yesterday’s Met Gala.

The rapper seems to have been banned from this year’s Met Gala as he shared he was not invited due to fears that he might smoke on the red carpet. The fashionable event was held in New York City at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and was the talk of the town on May 2, with many celebrities and high profile people converging in their best garb as part of this year’s theme: Gilded Glamour.

However, among the faces that were not seen was Wiz Khalifa, who hopped on Twitter to explain that he was banned from the event for violating a no-smoking weed policy.

The “Roll Up” singer said that the event had a policy on smoking marijuana which he previously violated. He surmised the reason he was not sent an invite this year.

“They were scared of me smoking on the red carpet or at the event so no Met Gala. I don’t blame em but weed is legal dude, sheesh,” a tweet read on Monday night.

He added, “I did it last time and they freaked out apparently. With a doob of course,” he said, replying to a Twitter user. He also added, “I’ll just be buffer and more stoned next year anyway.”

Weed is indeed decriminalized for recreational use in New York. The Met has not responded to the singer, but it’s not the first time a rule by the fundraiser has seen a celebrity being absent from the event.

Last year, Nicki Minaj had said she wouldn’t attend the event as they wanted all patrons attending to be vaccinated.

At the time, Nicki came under fire as she shared her reasons for not being vaccinated, which included that she had heard various bad side effects that happened to her cousin’s friend in Trinidad.