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Pusha T Picks Jay-Z Over Kanye West As Best Rapper Alive

Pusha T rapper
Pusha T

Pusha T says Jay-Z is the best rapper alive.

Pusha T‘s verdict on who he thinks is the best rapper alive comes as a surprise to some fans. He addressed the much-coveted title on his latest song, “Neck & Wrist,” off of his new album ‘It’s Almost Dry’.

“Hov, to me… he’s the best rapper, like just period,” Pusha T said during an appearance on SiriusXM’s Hip-Hop Nation on Tuesday.

Pusha T is known and associated with fellow rapper Kanye West who many regarded as the best rapper alive. It’s the first time that Pusha T makes the bold claim and adds that he has conveyed his sentiments to Jay-Z.

Push details his creative process working with Jay-Z, where he says he writes the verse and the hook, does everything else, then “send it to him with a space open.”

He shares Jay-Z’s reaction to his song “Neck & Wrist,” which features Pharrell on the hook when he first sent it over.

“He’ll hit back, and this particular time he was like, ‘Man, what you want me to say to this man? You going crazy!” he began.

“And I was like, ‘Man, just, you know, turn it up like…’ I only send records to him when I feel like there’s more needed to the record and there’s nothing else I can really say to it,” King Push said.

Jay-Z’s verse is also resembling his usual style and flair.

The debate for best rapper alive continues with many naming themselves or nominating their favorite artists for the position.

Pusha T and Kanye West relationship transcends friendship into business. Push was named President of G.O.O.D. Music in 2015 and has worked on a number of projects with Ye.

When it comes to Jay-Z, Pusha T has a different level of respect for his artistry. The two rap titans have been friends for years too which makes it easy for King Push to name Hov as the greatest rapper.