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Jack Harlow Shares DM Conversation He Had With Bryson Tiller At 17 Years Old

Bryson Tiller Jack Harlow
Bryson Tiller and Jack Harlow

Jack Harlow shares how far he and Bryson Tiller’s relationship is coming from.

It was a journey down memory lane for rapper Jack Harlow recently when he shared some old direct messages (DMs) he had with fellow Kentucky-native Bryson Tiller when he was just a teenager looking to make his mark in music. The 24-year-old “What’s Poppin” artiste delved into his message archive and emerged with a screenshot that he posted of the Twitter interactions that he had with Tiller way back in June of 2015.

In the exchange, a then seventeen-year-old Harlow was lauding Tiller for his success in the industry thus far while making it known that he intends to one day link up with his hometown homeboy. “Just wanted to hit your DMs and say thank you for what you’re doing for the 502. Truly putting us on the map. Obviously we are from the same city and have a lot of mutual friends but I can’t describe how F***ing dope it is to watch. I’m a massive fan dude and study your every move. I just turned 17 and I’m very confident in my craft and the trajectory of my career but you’re literally a homeboy hero. Hope we get the chance to meet soon and I’m just flattered to have the ability to DM you. Thanks bro,” wrote Harlow.

At the time, Tiller had responded, “Thanks man. I appreciate it. Keep working, anything is possible.”

Born Jackman Harlow, the rapper got his big break just a few years ago with his 2020 single “What’s Poppin,” which peaked at number two on the US Billboard Hot 100 charts. Later that year, he dropped his debut studio album, “That’s What They All Say,” which went on to peak at number five on the Billboard 200. His mega-hit 2022 single “First Class” is his second number one on the Hot 100 and the first to debut atop the chart.

Recently Tiller tweeted his support for Harlow’s upcoming album “Come Home the Kids Miss You,” writing, “Get ready for my bro Jack’s new album. Soon you’ll see why he’s number one. May 6th.”

His 2.7 million Twitter followers quickly ran with it. The heartfelt and real show of support was not lost on Harlow, who then dug up his messages which he captioned, “Dreams come true,” to demonstrate that the two have a long-standing relationship. He also used it to show that Tiller has always been in his corner and offered words of encouragement in a business where some often see up-and-coming artistes more as competition than a compliment.

Tiller, at the time, was one of the names making the rounds in the R&B circuit largely due to his big hit “Don’t,” which climbed the Billboard charts into the top twenty and went on to usher in his debut album Trap Soul.

Jack Harlow and Bryson Tiller previously collaborated on “Luv Is Dro” with Static Major. The two rappers also collaborated on the 2019 single “Thru The Night.”