Shenseea Rebuked Magazine For Photoshopping Nude Cover Photo: “I Feel Violated”


Shenseea issued a scathing rebuke for a magazine that photoshop her cover photo.

A recent magazine cover with Shenseea posing nude has gone viral with the singer wearing nothing as she posed for the camera. The Jamaican singer is, however, disputing that permission was granted for the nude cover and claimed that she is hurt by the publication’s decision to use that image as well as alter it.

The cover for Numéro, a Dutch magazine from the Netherlands, showed Shenseea posing nude with online floor-length hair. The heavily retouched image showed her photoshopped with a thinner body but also appeared to retouch her face making her features more European and her nose smaller and straighter.

In a post shared on Instagram, the mother of one said she feels violated that they have posted the racy image.

“I literally feel violated! My whole privacy! I have never showed that much skin on the net ever!” the
Alpha singer said in an Instagram Story. “This is not my image or who I even portray to be. I did not approve that damm photo! I’m not even upset…. I’m hurt!!! Honestly!”

The photo was taken by photographer Nikolai Kokanovic, and there are few details about the agreement with the magazine. The cover has also been pulled after harsh criticism by fans as Shenseea, who is of mixed heritage (African and Japanese), is also on the voluptuous side but appeared thin with European features.

As for what went wrong, Shenseea did not divulge as many fans questioned whether she posed for the magazine willingly because otherwise, how would they have that image. She, however, stated that she would ensure that her image is not used in that manner again.

“Idgaf how big or small the magazine is. This is never happening to me again!” Shenyeng added. “That’s some BULLSH-T! And on top [it] off that edit is sh*t! Doesn’t even look like me. Once I start feeling like I don’t have control over my own career..I WILL END IT! My integrity and my peace matters to me.”

Last week Numero shared the cover, which drew immediate backlash from fans.

“Shenseea adorns our last but not least print cover!” Numero said in a caption of the cover on an Instagram post.

Shenseea also disclosed that she had done several looks for the magazine and found it disrespectful that they used a nude image for the cover.

“I’m such a cool person but people really been showing me I need to be a b-tch frfr!” Shenseea continues. “I hardly got rest and still showed up to that shoot, did 3 interviews during glam of that shoot, went above the number of looks I was told I would be doing FOR THAT SHOOT! I was tired a f*** doing that shoot! And this is what I f***king get?”

Shenseea added that this is the first and the last time something like this will happen to her since she will not allow it again.

Shenseea IG statement
Screenshot IG
Shenseea IG statement
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On the musical front, Shenseea recently dropped off the music video for her Alpha single “R U That“, featuring 21 Savage. The visual stays true to the theme of the song with the Atlanta rapper making an appearance. She also has another music video on the way for her single “Henkel Glue”, featuring dancehall legend Beenie Man.

Aside from shooting music videos, Shenseea is also busy touring with several shows across the United States and Europe and a big upcoming performance at Reggae Sumfest 2022.