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DaBaby And His Own Artiste Wisdom Awute Trade Punches In Bizarre Fight Caught On Video


DaBaby threw a punch at his own artiste Widsom Awute and things almost ended badly.

The embattled rapper is back in the news for inflicting violence on another person. A video has gone viral showing the North Carolina rapper in an altercation with artist Wisdom, who is a artiste signed to DaBaby’s Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment label.

The video was shared by Instagram user @prince_mazani, who noted that the altercation took place backstage on Friday event at the Spring Jam 2022 event in Columbus, South Carolina.

In the video, DaBaby, who is seen wearing a yellow sports jersey, is walking backstage at the Colonial Life Arena mere steps ahead of Wisdom before he suddenly turns around and appears to send an uppercut punch to the artist’s face.

A much taller and bigger Wisdom Awute quickly reacted and threw a punch at DaBaby before a security guard separated them while they angrily exchanged words.

It’s unclear what caused DaBaby to react angrily, but the fan who made the video seems to suggest that the rapper was provoked.

“I don’t condone violence I just happened to be there when it happened,” he wrote. “@dababy had a solid reason. I’m not taking his side but I see why he did what he did […] I got the whole video and imma tell you why @dababy did what he did. Share and Tune in,” @prince_mazani wrote on his Instagram Stories.

DaBaby has been in the news for everything but music this week. A few days ago, police confirmed that the rapper had shot a man in the leg for trespassing on his North Carolina property.

He is also the subject of an investigation by Los Angeles Police for a bowling alley brawl where he and his security personnel unleashed a beatdown on Brandon Bills, the brother of his ex-girlfriend DaniLeigh.

Brandon Bills has sued the rapper and, in recent days, confirmed that he is not cooperating with the police investigation.

It’s unclear why he isn’t cooperating, but in an Instagram video, he suggested that the videos of the incident should be enough for the police to take action and arrest and lay charges against DaBaby.