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Danileigh’s brother Brandon Bills Says He’s Not Sending DaBaby To Jail

Danileigh Brandon Bills
Danileigh and Brandon Bills

Danileigh’s brother Brandon Bills says he is not about to snitch on anyone as he confirms reports that he is not cooperating with the police investigation into a fight with rapper DaBaby earlier this year.

“I wake up to a whole bunch of news a whole bunch of people tagging me…I gotta wake up to a whole bunch of stuff I don’t know about- I was never cooperating, you know, I was never gonna cooperate, I was never gonna put nobody in jail, I been in jail myself so I was never gonna put nobody in that situation,” he said.

Brandon Bills continued to explain his reason for not cooperating. “Ain’t nobody a snitch here, never was a snitch never will be a snitch.”

He also directed comments at the police. “Look at the video, the video tell you everything. It went viral. Millions of people saw the video… At the end of the day I ain’t about to go press charges go to trial and do all of that,” he concluded in a video shared to Instagram.

Bills was the victim of a vicious beatdown by rapper DaBaby and his crew. It was reported on Easter Monday that he was not cooperating with police in the investigation of the bowling alley beatdown, leading to the investigation being at a standstill.

According to Radar Online, Brandon Bills, whose real name is Brandon Curiel, is the brother of Danileigh, who shares a daughter with DaBaby, and has “stopped cooperating with police.”

Bills also filed a civil suit against DaBaby after the incident took place in February at Corbin Bowl in San Fernando Valley. He has filed for damages claiming physical and psychological damages, plus medical bills incurred from the incident.

Videos from the incident showed the two men appearing to exchange words before DaBaby’s security personnel snatches him by the hair and proceeds to beat him. DaBaby can also be seen kicking the rapper in his head, with police later saying they had launched an investigation into the incident and DaBaby committing assault with a deadly weapon.

The North Carolina rapper has claimed that he acted in self-defense as Bills had threatened to harm him on videos he posted to the internet weeks before. DaBaby’s crew, with about five or six security members, were also involved in the brawl that left Bills battered and bloodied.

In the meantime, the Los Angeles Police Department has been unable to complete its investigation that could lead to charges for DaBaby and his crew. According to TMZ, Bills has stopped “working with” authorities, but the investigation is still active.

Dababy Maybach

The fight between Brandon Bills and DaBaby started weeks after Bills threatened to put his hands on DaBaby for the way the rapper treated his sister Danileigh in November 2021. Live videos shared by Danileigh showed the rapper kicking her and their then three-month-old baby out while the two also had a fight which led to her being slapped with misdemeanor assault charges.

Bills has not publicly commented on the entire situation with DaBaby since telling the boxer he was challenging him to a celebrity boxing match to defend his sister.