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DaBaby Reacts To Shooting Man At His Mansion After 911 Audio Released

Dababy / @Dababy IG

DaBaby has confirmed that he is the caller in the leaked 911 call to police reporting the trespasser shooting incident.

On Friday, the rapper boasted about shooting the victim, noting that he chose not to kill the person.

“Chose not to take a n***a life the other day & it felt great. Buddy ain’t deserve to go, I step righteously,” he said.

“Heal up & live my boy! Just don’t bring ya a*s back,” he added. The 911 call made from DaBaby‘s Troutman, North Carolina, the residence has been released and has the rapper telling the 911 responder he shot the trespasser after seeing him.

The 6-minute recording also has the victim screaming in pain in the background. “I shot him in his leg,” the rapper says, after which the 911 operator says, “ok, and why did you do that?” the rapper begins in the recording released by the Iredell County Emergency Communications.

The rapper answers, “he’s trespassing on my property, calling me out my name. I don’t know what he’s here for, what he’s here to take, what he here to do… he’s neutralized until you guys get here.”

“Are you with him now?” the Dispatcher asks. “Yes, he’s right here in front of me. He’s bleeding. He’s been shot,’ DaBaby responds, unaffected by the man’s pain.

Further in the call, DaBaby is questioned by the Dispatcher for more information as to what happened.

“I already told you what happened! Somebody else might be with this guy!” he said to the operator. “You can interrogate me when ya’ll get here and save this man’s life. That’s why I’m calling you!”

“I don’t want somebody else sneakin’ up on me!” he says when the operator asks him to put away his gun.

A report from Channel 9 news says that police confirmed that on the night of the shooting, DaBaby was at home with one other person.

Reports are that the man scaled a fence and was shot just outside the football field on the rapper’s property. It’s unclear if DaBaby will be charged for the incident, and there are no reports on the recovery of the victim as yet. The victim was shot on DaBaby’s $2.3m property in the early hours of Wednesday, April 13, around 7:45 p.m.