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50 Cent Hires Private Investigator To Find Elusive Teairra Mari To Collect Debt

50 Cent Teairra Mari
50 Cent, Teairra Mari

50 Cent is taking things up a notch to recover his money from Teairra Mari, who lost a lawsuit against him three years.

The rapper was a party added to Mari’s lawsuit over revenge porn in which her ex-boyfriend had her nude photos online, and 50 Cent had posted an explicit photo of her. The rapper in his defense said he had only reposted a photo that was already circulating.

The judge had not found 50 Cent guilty of wrongdoing, and she was ordered to pay the rapper’s attorney’s fees to appear in the case. 50 has been relentless in trying to recover the money from Mari, who now owes him around $50,000 due to interest.

Earlier this month, he filed new documents in court seeking an order from the court that Teairra Mari was in contempt of court, which can result in her facing jail time.

He also wants an order for Mari to declare all of her income since she claimed she couldn’t afford to pay the judgment.

Teairra Mari has not responded to any of the lawsuits, while 50 Cent’s legal team has been hounding her in court.

In the meantime, it seems that they would need to serve her properly before the matter can be heard in court, which is why the rapper’s legal team said he hired a private investigator who helped to track down her address, Radar Online reported. 50 Cent has stated that his team has learned that Mari is living in Los Angeles.

According to the document, she has been spotted on Instagram with a Sunset Blvd address while she has a skincare business registered with a Beverly Hills address which led to them serving her.

Meanwhile, Mari recently objected to an examination being scheduled to determine her income. She claimed that she lives in Georgia and cannot be ordered to appear in a Los Angeles courtroom.

However, 50 Cent’s legal team has rebutted as they claimed she was validly served in Los Angeles earlier this month.

The matter is still before the court.