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Wiz Khalifa Warns Anyone Trying To Pull A Will Smith Slap On Him On Stage

Wiz Khalifa
Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa has a warning for anyone who might be considering pulling a Will Smith on him on stage.

The “Black and Yellow” rapper is making sure that if anyone has plans to slap him while he’s on stage, there will be dire consequences.

In a video that has since gone viral, Wiz Khalifa is on stage at what seems to be a packed concert where he firstly thanks fans for coming out but giving a warning to anyone who might have ideas.

“If anybody tries to walk up here and slap me, you will get shot. I’m just letting you know right now,” he begins.

“I promise, I’m just letting you know right now,” Wiz Khalifa added before joking off his statement- “Nah I’m just playing”.

Wiz Khalifa is the latest in a long line of celebrities who have reacted to Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at Sunday night’s live airing of the Academy Awards. Smith slapped Rock after he made a joke about her bald head.

Many were not aware that Pinkett Smith suffers from the hair loss disease, alopecia. In the meantime, Chris has declined to press charges and seems to be going on with his comedy shows set for this week.

In the meantime, Will Smith has apologized, but his actions have been condemned by many, including fellow comedian Jim Carey who addressed the reaction while in a sit down with Gayle King for CBS Mornings.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 actor Jim Carrey stopped by to promote his new movie. While there, King brought up the slap, which has now become a hot topic. Carey made it clear that he would filed a $200 million lawsuit the next morning.

Some persons who defended Smith included the likes of Nicki Minaj, who spoke about what might have caused the reaction.

“The husband gets a front-row seat to his wife’s pain…. he’s the 1 consoling her.. drying her tears behind closed doors when those cameras go off. Social media has made ppl feel that these “husbands” won’t ever run into them in real life,” Minaj tweeted while questioning the fact that the joke was made while the public was aware of Jada’s hair loss issues.

“You just got to witness in real time what happens in a man’s soul when he looks over to the woman he loves & sees her holding back tears from a “little joke” at her expense. This is what any & every real man feels in that instant. while y’all seeing the joke he’s seeing her pain. … You don’t think she’s cried about that many times? 2022 y’all gon have to see these men about those jokes you made about their wives,” Nicki Minaj added on Twitter.

Smith has promised to break his silence on the entire saga at the upcoming filming of the Red Table Talk.