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August Alsina Shares Cryptic Message After Will Smith Put Hands On Chris Rock

August Alsina has broken his silence days after Will Smith slapped Chris Tucker live on air at the Oscars.

Social media users are still discussing the entire event, which saw Will Smith leave his seat and hop on stage to slap Tucker after the comedian made a joke about seeing Jada Pinkett-Smith in G.I Jane part 2.

The joke was not received well by the Smiths, particularly as Jada, who has made it public that she has been suffering from a medical condition called alopecia which causes unexplained hair loss. Jada has been sporting a bald head look or with turbans for years now due to the disease.

While Will Smith apologized to Chris Rock over the consequential reaction, there is still chatter online as many discuss Will’s reaction towards the comedian.

Some have called out the actor for being a hypocrite as he’s made fun of people’s hair in the past, while some have also mentioned that his anger was misdirected as he failed to mete out the same treatment to R&B singer August Alsina who claimed that he had an affair with Jada for years with Will’s knowledge.

Both Will and Jada have addressed cheating claims, with Alsina claiming that they were separated during that time. Alsina, who had shared his being heartbroken over Jada ending the relationship, has kept quiet until now.

On Tuesday, he popped up on Instagram with a heavily coded caption that some fans felt was his response to the saga.

In the post, the singer urged, “choose peace; trusting that life’s intricate puzzle pieces are all forming together for the greater good and mastering of the seasonally sometime chaotic nature of your life’s art piece that’s being formed and painted by birthing life to your internal masterpiece.”

August Alsina continued, “grown through external chaos-metamorphosing alchemy, dark turned 2 light and beauty within. Then turned Master P (i) E^CE shown without, from your life’s own whimsical & colorful art-piece, being co created and displayed through living while/after being broken to peace’s/pieces.”

August Alsina also seemingly addressed those who were mentioning him in the latest drama with the Smiths.

“I’m A Walking Billboard & Network Simply Desiring To Televise & Broadcast Love, the love, grace and healing embrace of God, Good Music that’s healing (w/ a lil bit of nasty) (cus the art of sharing temples can too be healing) My Nola mixed w/ My H-Town background of Top Tier DRIP & FLAVA & bag secure abundantly for the ones i love while trying to keep a clean heart out here. DassIT,” he ended the lengthy post, which accompanied a selfie sitting in a chair.

August Alsina IG
August Alsina / IG

In 2020, August had told Angela Yee that he and Jada had an affair, and he was even given blessings from Will.

Pinkett Smith later admitted that she and August did have a romantic relationship four and a half years ago but that she and Smith were separated.

“We were over,” Jada said.

However, they both denied that Will Smith had given August Alsina permission to enter the relationship.

Jada added that she thinks August Alsina simply wanted to clear up any misconception that he is a homewrecker and that is why he perceived their “entanglement” as permission.

Jada Pinkett-Smith later said that she and August Alsina broke up, and she and Will Smith got back together. Jada and Will Smith have been married since 1997 and have two children, Jaden and Willow. Will has a son from a previous relationship.