Pregnant Rihanna Look-A-Like Causes Mayhem In Brazil

Rihanna pregnant
Rihanna baby bump / IG

No Rihanna was not in Brazil parading her baby bump.

Brazilians were star-struck as they swarmed a woman who dressed up and pretended to be Rihanna, complete with a pregnant belly, and security personnel as she posed before media cameras.

The woman who appears as tall as Rihanna with brown skin and has a slight resemblance to the pop princess can be seen meeting and greeting people who were under the impression that she is the Fenty Beauty founder.

The impersonator can be seen in a viral video wearing a black top and a curly-haired wig with red lips with her hand on a visibly pregnant belly. She can be seen hugging and greeting fans who are excited. In one clip, she is also seen allowing a woman to rub and kiss the fake pregnant belly.

The woman has been identified as 30-year-old Priscila Beatrice from Minas Gerais, Brasilia, and this is not the first time she has been impersonated by the Bhajan artist.

She has a sizable following on social media and in Brazil for her uncanny resemblance to Rihanna, but it appears that her gimmick changed significantly as she recently added the fake pregnant belly to complete her impersonation. The Bajan pop star is in her third trimester and has been seen shopping for baby clothes, particularly baby girl clothing. The singer and her partner A$AP Rocky announced they were becoming friends for the first time on January 31, 2022.

Priscilla Beatrice also has three children of her own and appears to be a sort of local celebrity in Brazil as she has been on “extraordinary tours” across the country’s capital where he purports to be the real Rihanna and meeting fans while “pregnant.”

In the meantime, she has said her gimmick is a “joke’ and hopes that Rihanna will see it and visit Brazil to see A$AP Rocky perform at Lollapalooza, which is being held in Brazil.

Rihanna has not reacted to the latest video, but fans online have made fun of the entire thing calling Priscilla a “great value” version of RiRi.

Rihanna is not the first artist to be impersonated by a fan. Months ago, a fan who resembled rapper Drake popped up in Miami at clubs and events behaving like the rapper and even lip-syncing the Toronto rapper’s music. Some fans were also fooled into thinking “Fake Drake” was the real deal as they posed for photos and videos with him.