Skeng & Stalk Ashley Join Forces On New Song “Talibhan” – Watch Video

Skeng Stalk Ashley
Skeng and Stalk Ashley

A collaboration between Skeng and Stalk Ashley may have been one of the most unexpected joints in Dancehall this week.

The two Dancehall artistes managed to expertly pull off a new track, “Talibhan”. Its accompanying music video hit music platforms on Monday (March 21), and it is expected to make waves going forward.

Stalk Ashley, known for her wicked melody and flow, and the up-and-coming Skeng, who has so far never disappointed his fans, has “Talibhan” trending on YouTube at number 3 in less than 24 hours of its release.

The song and its grimy Aka Ruppi-directed video tell the story of a man and woman/ “Taliban,” who are both gangsters and falling for each other. But, much of the song speaks to the gruesome killing of the woman’s boyfriend, who she declares is an “idiot.” In fact, the music video which was captured between Beverly Hills, Kingston, and Spanish Town, St. Catherine, opens with a bloody scene of the man being murdered.

“Buck up pon a bad gyal, Talibhan, a lickle one. Her pu**y fat it weigh 100 gram, suh mi say ‘you have a man? Him do yuh wrong? Yuh wah mi kill him dump him dung a Riverton?” Skeng tells a group of friends at an undisclosed location in Spanish Town a week earlier.

“Bad gyal, a me dat. Me haffi left the boy because the boy a idiot / Him worthless nuh f*ck plus a gyal strength him have/like him nuh know mi will put him body inna bag,” Stalk Ashley sings on the first verse while being tied to a chair, seemingly duping her boyfriend into believing she was also taken hostage.

The intense, interesting storyline portrayed in the song and video has apparently found favor with fans, who left a lot of raving feedback in the comment section on YouTube.

“The best collabbbbb, me caahhh stop listen from it drop…….the flow, riddim, lyrics everything sickkk,” one person said. Another commended, “skeng hit the direct spot, perfect collab,” while one fan declared, “The collab we never expected, Turns out to be the collab we needed.”

Skeng, who is fairly new to the Dancehall scene after his big blow-up last year with “Gvnman Shift,” is on his way to becoming one of the most collaborated artistes on the scene. He has so far collaborated with Tommy Lee Sparta, Intence, and Rvssian, to produce what fans say are all favorites.

Meanwhile, the more subtle Stalk Ashley has been working her way to the top with great penmanship and melody. The singer was among the most played female artistes in Jamaica in the last 12 months on Spotify.