Dancehall Artiste Deep Jahi Hospitalized Thank Fans For Support

Deep Jahi

Deep Jahi is fighting for his life in the hospital.

The dancehall artist on Friday shared an image of himself either sleeping or unconscious in what looks like a hospital bed. There’s no confirmation about the health of the artist as the image which was shared to his Instagram account on Thursday began making the rounds on social media and drawing the concern of his fans.

Deep Jahi was seen covered with a sheet and wearing a black face mask while his eyes remained closed. His write and top of the hand had have appeared to have an IV drip inserted in the skin.

There was no caption to the post except the pray hands emoji.

That post has since been deleted and replaced with a brief statement by the artist.

“Sometimes life shows you how fragile you are as a human and how strong you are as a spirit simultaneously,” the post began. “This is a heavy time for me but I’ll update everyone soon,” he added.

He also shared his gratitude to fans and followers for their concerns. “Thankful for the wishes, prayers and love,” the post ended.

The “Life Goes On” singer’s real name is Rushane Sanderson, who was born and raised in the parish of St. Mary.

Deep Jahi gained fame after winning the Magnum Kings and Queens competition in 2012.

The artist is known for popular songs “Posh Lifestyle,” “Network,” and “Choppa Choppa.”

Deep Jahi
Deep Jahi