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Steve Harvey Warns Kanye West About Beefing With D.L. Hughley

Kanye West Steve Harvey
Kanye West, Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey warns Kanye West that his beef with D.L. Hughley could have consequence.

Kanye West was banned from posting as Instagram suspended his privileges days ago after he shared a raft of abusive and threatening messages to a series of comedians.

West has been on a rampage as he continues his attacks on Pete Davidson and those close to him, including D.L Hughley, who called him out for stalking and threatening Kim Kardashian.

Now, Steve Harvey has stepped in as he warns Kanye that there’s no winning against Hughley, who comes from the old school and will pull up to deal with the issues at hand.

In a recent appearance on his Steve Harvey Morning Show, he defended Hughley following Kanye’s threat that he could afford to hurt D.L. Hughley and knew where the comedian lived in Calabasas.

“Pull up, it ain’t what you want,” Steve Harvey began on his syndicated radio morning show. “If y’all do get to scrapping, all my cash on D.L., ’cause you have no idea. You been a lil politically, socially conscious rapper—we from a ass-whoopin’ era…We from a whole’ nother era,” Steve said.

Steve Harvey is 65 years old, while Hughley is 59, and Kanye West is only 44.

Kanye West has been dragging Hughley in the last few days after Hughley said his behavior was wrong and wouldn’t be acceptable by other people. Hughley claimed that Kanye’s behavior was being tolerated because of his hits and vast wealth.

West is reported worth billions, although he has been accused of inflating his net worth.

D.L. Hughley, on the other hand, has responded to Kanye, telling him to ask his goons to stop at the pharmacy and pick up his medication before coming to Calabasas to kill him.

He has also trolled Kanye over reports that he was obsessed with Pete Davidson’s penis size, something Charlamagne Tha God says Kanye personally told him something in November last year.

In the meantime, Kanye West remains suspended from Instagram for violating Instagram’s rules on bullying, harassment, and hate speech.

The rapper was suspended after his posts about Kim, Pete, SNL writer Dave Sirus and Daily Show’s Trevor Noah, who he threw racist insults at.