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Azealia Banks Calls Kanye West A ‘Deaf Mascot’ In Criticizing His Stem Player

Azealia Banks Kanye West
Azealia Banks, Kanye West

Azealia Banks is not letting up on her criticisms of Kanye West as she rips his Donda Stem Player, which many people have regarded as innovative.

The Stem Player will play the Kanye West‘s Donda 2 album and allow users to some extent to mix their own music based on various versions available. While it offers additional features to how a regular MP3 player works, the tool isn’t innovative as it is formed based on existing technology.

Azealia Banks, who has an ongoing grouse with Kanye over money he owes her, on Friday called out the rapper as she called him a “Deaf Mascot” and insinuated he was a puppet placed to fool black people.

Banks replied to a comment on Instagram which praised the device. “So @kanyewest is on to something,” a user commented. Banks, however, disagreed as she responded to the comment stating her opinion on the device and Kanye West.

“He’s onto absolutely nothing,” she started. “He redesigned a portable speaker, there is no API (application programming interface) or appetizing UI/UX design and ISN’T KANYE’S IDEA,” she pointed out regarding the rights to the instrument.

“It’s some start-up in London called Kano Technology, Kanye just slapped his name on it. All they are trying to do is sell you fancily decorated computer chips/raspberry pi things you can buy on Alibaba for $2.70,” she slammed West’s tech piece.

“I wish Black men would stop being so quick to believe that this man has done anything revolutionary. He’s like the blind dumb deaf mascot put in place for Black folk to idolize and not do their own research. IT’S A F*CKING PORTABLE SPEAKER/MP3 player,” she added.

The Stem Player is being marketed for $200 apiece and is sold under trademark for ‘Donda’ owned by West’s Mascotte Holdings company.

Azealia Banks, however, feel that the stem player is not worth more than “$30 and belongs in the Toys “R” Us Christmas catalogue that used to come in the newspaper.”

The female rapper added, “@teenageengineering is FAR BEYOND in this field. Nothing about the Stem Player generates income for anyone but Kanye. Another non-necessity. It’s complete bullsh*t,” she concluded.

Kanye West has not responded to any of Bank’s rants of late, but many social media users seemed to be on her side as they agreed with her reading the rapper.

“I mean….I researched the company. She didn’t lie,” one person said.

“Noooobody brought it. It flopped just like Donda part 1 did. But he wants Billboard to give him Diamond eligibility, just because he says Donda 2 sold 7 million copies, with no proof. Ain’t nobody jealous they just think he’s a fool,” another person said.