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Usher Admits To Kissing Monica & Confesses Love For Aaliyah


Usher shared Monica was his first celebrity kiss and that he wish he had dated Aaliyah back in the day.

The Atlanta R&B singer’s recent interview is sending fans into a frenzy about some “confessions” he made public for the first time. Apparently, the “My Boo” singer wished he had taken a step out of a pretty good friendship and into a romantic relationship with the late singer, Aaliyah.

“Somebody that I was really good friends with that I wish I would have taken more serious, cause she was a really, really close friend of mine for a small amount of time, and then we just kind of disconnected. It was Aaliyah,” Usher explained in the interview with E News Daily Pop. “I think I would have dated Aaliyah. We just didn’t get around to it. We just kinda talked, but didn’t do it.”

The R&B icon admitted that they “hung out” and “watched movies together” but did not get the chance to tighten their bond romantically. This is something he regrets.

Aaliyah’s tragic death in a 2001 plane crash smudged the music industry, and even after more than two decades, her legacy and memories live on, especially to those who personally knew her.

While Usher wishes their relationship had blossomed into something more back then, the “Rock The Boat” singer was famously dating Roc-A-Fella co-founder Damon Dash before her passing.

Meanwhile, Usher is now romantically tied to the director of the rhythm and soul department at ASCAP, Jennifer Goicoechea, and the two welcomed their second child in September last year. Despite things seemingly going well with his family, the 43-year-old did not mind reminiscing in the recent interview.

Usher also revealed that he once locked lips with “Why I Love You So Much” singer Monica. “My first celebrity kiss [was] Monica Arnold,” he said in response to a question from host Francesca Amiker on the topic. He further admitted that his “Slow Jam” co-star was “a good kisser.”

While many fans take the jaw-dropping revelation lightly, others are bothered that the singer would kiss and tell. “I expect more from him. This is TACKY!!!” one person said, while another added, “Man these “MEN” talk more than the females.”

But one person defended, “Y’all be so mad at artists for answering questions they were asked. He doing a whole interview.”

The interview was to promote Usher’s second leg of his Las Vegas residency. While he was officially dropping details on the upcoming venture, things took a personal turn when he was asked to play a game inspired by his 2004 album “Confessions.” The shows are scheduled to kick off on July 15.