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Lil Durk And His Whole Crew Send Message To NBA YoungBoy In New Video

Lil Durk
Lil Durk

The feud between Lil Durk and YoungBoy Never Broke Again is again heightened, following the release of Lil Durk’s latest single “AHHH HA,” if speculations are correct.

Fans are adamant that some lyrics of the new track are directly aimed at NBA YoungBoy, who Lil Durk has been beefing with for the past few months.

Lil Durk had promised to release his full-length project on Tuesday (February 22), but instead announced a new date for the album’s drop, pushing it back for at least another month at the last minute.

The project, “7220,” will now be released on March 11, according to Durk. But in the meantime, the rapper blessed fans with “AHHH HA,” and it has been sparking conversations all morning.

The track, already trending on YouTube Music after only a few hours, is speculated to be a diss track geared towards YoungBoy. 22-year-old YoungBoy had also dissed Durk in a few of his songs, by referencing late rapper, King Von and shouting out the man accused of murdering him, Lil Tim.

Lil Durk was one of many hit hard by Von’s November 2020 murder as the young rapper was signed to his Only the Family and Empire Distribution record label.

NBA YoungBoy
NBA YoungBoy

“Ni**a, this that Squid Game, O’Block pack get rolled up / Murder what they told us, Atlanta boy get fold up,” NBA rapped in his January 2022 single “Bring the Hook.”

Fans are speculating that some lines in “AHHH HA” are in reply to YoungBoy’s lyrics. Durkio, in the first verse, referenced NBA’s disrespect rapping about murders despite being freed from prison just a few months ago, in October of last year.

“Ni**as acting like they really like that since my brodie died (Von)/Just got out the feds, you bring up murders with your police a**,” Durk raps.

The 29-year-old rapper also appeared to take aim at NBA’s ex-girlfriend, Jania Meshell in the line that follows. Meshell was also briefly romantically linked to Von.

“I told Von to leave that b*tch alone, she post on OnlyFans,” he spits in the song.

Fans are expecting NBA YoungBoy to respond to the diss track soon enough, keeping the rap feud alive.

While Lil Durk’s “AHHH HA” has been delayed, the 17-track album is currently available for pre-order. Durk is expected to embark on a “7220 Tour” after the album’s release. It kicks off on April 8 in Phoenix.