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Kodak Black Clowned For Saying Men Don’t Need To Shower Daily But Women Do

Kodak Black
Kodak Black

Kodak Black says men don’t have to shower daily but thinks women do and gets clowned for it.

The Pompano Beach rapper is notorious for making outlandish statements like these, but this one landed him in hot water, especially with female fans. Kodak Black shared his feelings during an interview with Atlanta’s 105.3 The Beat. He was asked about his daily regimen, and apparently, it does not include a daily shower.

“N***as, we can rock,” he told hosts Kodag and Jo Ho Alonso. “We ain’t even got to hop in the sprayer every day for real. We ain’t really got to hop in the sprayer for real like that.”

On the other hand, Kodak says women have to go in the shower on a daily basis. “But y’all [women] gotta hop in that b##ch every day. Soon after we [have sex] all kinds of sh*t and before,” the “Tunnel Vision” rapper said.

It didn’t take long for fans to chime in on Twitter and most seem to disagree with Yak on this one.

Kodak Black is actively promoting his new album Back For Everything, which is set to be released on February 25, 2022, and he recently joined The Breakfast Club team to speak on its arrival. Naturally, the conversation shifted from the album, has the spoke on other areas of the rapper’s life, including Drake providing him with Bitcoin, getting shot, his recent haircut, his time in prison, and subsequent pardon by former President Donald Trump. The rapper would go on to speak more about his personal life, more so the impending arrival of his second child.

In December of last year, Kodak made things official in his own way when he offered his baby mama Maranda Johnson a diamond ring. At the time, Kodak explained that the ring did not mean a relationship. Instead, the rapper sees the move as a way to show that the mothers of his kids will always be taken care of.

“If you’re my BM, you technically my b***** for forever, we locked in you hear me, so that’s why the whole ring and all of that is about…Got another baby on the way, imma come through the same way, ring, benz, foreign all that, you hear me?” he had said on Instagram.

Kodak is now making it known that the level of his ‘relationship’ with Johnson could be affected by the sex of the baby, which Kodak was set to find out at a gender reveal party that day. Kodak, who has already been blessed with a son, explains that having a boy by Johnson could see their union being transformed into something official. Having a daughter would not see much change in their current union, as Johnson would simply retain her baby mama titled.

“My son, I ain’t found out about him until he was like one already…so I want that new from the scratch like my little n**ga,” he told Charlamagne Tha God while contrasting his relationship with the mothers of his two kids, he shared that he did not always see eye to eye with his son’s mother. According to Kodak, things are different with Johnson.

“This one right here, we more agree on Sh*t. Ammo lock in with her I already told her that and if it’s a boy ammo be your boyfriend , if it’s a girl Im just your baby daddy,” he said. “I ain’t bringing home no girl I want my boy,” the rapper declared by shrugging off Charlamagne’s comment that a daughter would help him to slow down and refocus.