Spice Release “Po-Po” Video Featuring Her 14-Year-Old Son Nicho

Nicho and Spice
Nicho and Spice

Spice addresses the prevalent issue of police brutality in the music video for “Po-Po.”

The song was released as a part of Spice’s debut studio album 10, which hit shelves in August of last year courtesy of VP Records. 2020 was a monumental year in the struggles against the heavy-handed and privileged approach sometimes asserted by law enforcement against people of color. The death of George Floyd by ex-Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin sparked the fumes of protest and worldwide marches against police brutality.

In 2020, Spice showed support for the Black Lives Matter Movement when she took part in a protest on the streets of Atlanta, Georgia. One of her very first public efforts against equality came in the form of her song “Black Hypocrisy,” released in 2018 as a part of her Capture project.

“Po-Po” follows similar sentiments with its direct approach on the matter. The video, which was directed by Jay Will and shot by Spice’s hubby Jay Budd Media sees Spice’s 14-year-old song Nicho parading down the streets of Atlanta before being stopped by police. The situation was all too real for Spice, who revealed that she was forced to educate her son on the best practices when dealing with police. These talks then influenced Nicho, who “wanted to do a song and that’s how we got the idea for ‘Po-Po.'”

“He’s 14 years old and he’s on my record about justice. I am so proud of him,” Spice said about her eldest.

“Doing a collaboration with your child, especially so young, is a big look. It shows that raw talent runs inna the blood. Thanks for believing in your son and having him on your historic Grammy nominated album 10,” one fan shared.

You can check out the music video for “Po-Po” below.