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Da Brat and LisaRaye McCoy Shares Sister Bond At Her Wedding

Da Brat and LisaRaye McCoy / IG

This week, Da Brat and Jessica Dupart tied the knot, and they appear to be on cloud nine as they reflect on the important moment.

On Friday, Da Brat shared a sweet message to her sister LisaRaye McCoy signaling that the two are on good terms after a previously strained relationship that was made public by McCoy.

The ‘Funkdafield’ rapper reminisced on the two sisters’ journey together and the love they share.

“It ain’t too many people or occasions where she ain’t wearin white! But on my special day it was whatever I needed from her. This pic right here doesn’t even need a caption. Its says “big sis lil sis” in every way possible. My sister’s keeper. Me and my Punk. @thereallraye1 I love u Pizzy and I appreciate you being all you are and have been to me my whole life,” Da Brat, whose real name is Shantae Harris, said.

“We have experienced a lifetime of love. From dem Zanzibar offices to Helen’s to you whoppin me for skippin school to us whoopin a**es lol. From Chicago to wherever we are in the world, we always got each other no matter what. Its dat unf****ittable love,” she ended the cute caption of them embracing on her wedding day.

The two once inseparable sisters had a public falling out over Da Brat’s relationship with Jessica Dupart, who Brat married earlier this week.

Last year, McCoy revealed in an interview that she was upset that she had to find out that her sister was a lesbian and was in a relationship with Dupart via social media blogs.

She said she felt hurt that her sister had not confided in her. “I just didn’t want to hear it from the blogs and the interviews of people asking me questions, and I didn’t know what to say…because I didn’t hear it from you. And so I’m hurt. That’s what I am.”

Da Brat and Dupart met in 2020 through LisaRaye after working together.

“She and I were doing some videos for her Kaleidoscope products because she was actually a fan. So we reenacted a ‘Player’s Club’ scene and did a couple of videos together,” LisaRaye had said in the same 2021 interview.

“So when she reached out to have my sister try her drops, then they actually made a rapport with each other and built a friendship. What came out of that is what we see on Instagram now.”

Last month, Da Brat had revealed that she and her wife were expecting their first child.