Cardi B Flexes $1 million Fee Per Show In Response To TDE Punch Superstar Twitter Debate

Cardi B press
Cardi B

Cardi B flexes heavily as she reminds her critics and naysayers that she’s ‘that girl’! On Monday, she revealed her booking numbers for upcoming shows, proving she is indeed ‘Big Cardi’ because of how great her music is.

Cardi B react to a survey by TDE Punch, the President of Top Dawg Entertainment, who listed several artists as being the superstars for rap but did not name Cardi.

“Wait… who are the current superstars in rap, post Kendrick, Cole, Drake, and Nicki???”

In another tweet, Punch said, “I think we are really confusing a ‘superstar in rap’ with ‘a rapper we like,'” he began. ”

“I’ve only seen maybe 3 that’s being listed that have superstar potential. It might be over for the superstar. Nothing is sustainable,” he said in Tweets.

“Superstars are based off of moments that’s last. Nothing last more than two days now. When Mike Jackson moonwalked across that stage at the motown show, that moment lasted decades. Hmmm. Is over saturation the death of the superstar? Aiight. I’m out,” he added.

Punch also added several other tweets to clarify his statements.

“Post meaning they are established as superstars already and will continue to be,” he explained. “Cardi is there and Doja just getting there. Doja is there. Lil Nas X is there. Possibly Baby Keem and possibly Jack if they keep going, which I’m sure they are. You don’t think Cardi and Meg are superstars in rap right now?”

Although fans named Cardi B and others, it seemed that Punch did not agree with the criteria fans set for who should be regarded as a ‘superstar.’

“Nah I think it’s more to it [than a project with longevity],” he wrote. “Commercial success, big shows, cultural moments, charisma, traditional radio, tv etc.”

However, Cardi B’s fanbase called the Bardi Gang was quick to check Punch as they reminded him that the “Wap” rapper was among the top artists in rap, if not the leading among female rappers.

Cardi B herself interjected in the argument online as she shared a screenshot of negotiations with her booking agent for upcoming shows and the booking rate being offered.

The text message exchange shows Cardi’s agent telling her that she’s being booked for several shows.

Cardi captions the conversation, “Over a M a show wit 1 album BIG SUPERSTAR are you dumb?” she asked?

She added, “Waiting on my agent got like 3 overseas one for 2Ms.”

One of the messages read, “2.3 for [redacted] July [redacted.] Cardi replies, “Each?” Her agent then follows up with “1,150,000 per show. This is for [redacted] position each night.”

Cardi B tweet post
Cardi B Twitter

In other tweets, the rapper and mother of two ensured her critics knew her mindset was focused on making the biggest bag.

“Think is a game but trust imma come for everything …..BBHMM [B***T better have my money]”, she said before adding, “IDK where my music going to take me ,I just want people to say she puts out good tracks ..Respect the talent.”

She also retweeted several tweets which showed her music chart dominance, including one which showed her as the top-ranked rapper with the most No. 1 singles on Apple Music US:

“#1. Cardi B — 10 #1’s #2. Megan Thee Stallion — 5 #1’s #3. Nicki Minaj — 5 #1’s Cardi B is still riding high from her 3 ‘X Platinum album, Invasion of Privacy, released in 2018.

Her latest single released in 2020 – “WAP,” featuring Megan Thee Stallion raked in several awards, including Grammy Awards for the song, while in 2021, she released “UP.”

The songs are also Billboard chart-toppers, and the rapper has teased that she’s focused on releasing a new album in 2022. Aside from making all the money as a rapper, she’s also been raking in bags for her various business ventures and real estate holdings.