Trey Songz’s Brother Calls Out Rape Accuser Over $20 Million Lawsuit

Trey Songz
Trey Songz

A third woman filed a lawsuit against Trey Songz for alleged rape which she says took place in California in 2016. This is the third such allegation against the R&B singer made within two months.

Court documents claim that the singer anally raped the victim on March 24, 2016, in California, resulting in injury to her.

“A rape so brutal that Plaintiff Jane Doe required and received immediate emergency medical care,” the complaint read according to Daily Beast.

The details of the incident were set out by the victim, who says she and Songz were somewhat sexually involved and had had consensual sex before.

“Trey Songz invited Plaintiff Jane Doe ‘upstairs,’” the suit alleges. “Plaintiff Jane Doe believed she would have consensual sex with the Defendant Trey Songz as they previously have had. On the way up the stairs, Defendant Trey Songz repeatedly asked Plaintiff Jane Doe if Defendant could ‘get that ass.’ Plaintiff Jane Doe repeatedly told Defendant Trey Songz NO and to stop asking.”

She added, “After entering the bedroom, Trey Songz turned, almost immediately, into a savage rapist,” the suit continues.

“Trey Songz threw Plaintiff Jane Doe to the ground, ripped Plaintiff Jane Doe’s pants off, pinned Plaintiff Jane Doe down face first and forced Defendant Trey Songz’ penis into Plaintiff’s anus without Plaintiff Jane Doe’s consent. Plaintiff Jane Doe screamed in pain and begged Defendant Trey Songs [sic] to stop. Plaintiff Jane Doe tried to fight Defendant Trey Songz off her but was overpowered by Defendant Trey Songz. Someone entered the room during the rape, and Plaintiff Jane Doe hoped the brutal anal rape might end. The individual quickly exited the room and the anal rape continued.”

The woman claims that after the assault, she called an Uber “To escape further attack and to get home,” but the driver noticed that she was in “clear distress and rerouted Plaintiff Jane Doe to the nearest hospital.”

The Los Angeles Police Department has not commented on whether a police investigation has been launched, while Trey Songz’s team has not officially denied the reports. Trey Songz’s brother Ruski popped in on the Shaderoom, claiming that the lawyer who was filing the lawsuit seems to have a vendetta against the singer, and she is accused of paying a woman to accuse Trey Songz falsely.

“But y’all didn’t put that this lawyer is being investigated [of] witness tampering, and is the lead lawyer of every civil NOT criminal suit that is brought against him. Same lawyer that’s accusing Chris Brown, same amount, same damn story everytime,” he wrote in the comments section.

The Attorneys representing the latest Jane Doe accuser are George Vrabeck and Ariel Mitchell who are also the same attorneys on the record representing former college basketball player Dylan Gonzalez, who in January accused Songz of raping her at a Las Vegas hotel room nine years ago.

Mitchell is also the attorney with conduct for another accuser Jauhara Jeffries who filed a civil suit in Miami claiming that the singer sexually assaulted her while at a club on New Year’s Eve in 2018.

In a statement, the Attorneys responded to the claims from Songz’s team.

“Victims are coming forward every day. Just know you are not alone, and this behavior is unacceptable. George Vrabeck and I will not be deterred by bullying or intimidation tactics and will continue our pursuit of Justice for sexual assault victims of Trey Songz,” the attorneys were quoted by Daily Beast as saying.

Meanwhile, at least one criminal investigation is ongoing in Las Vegas after one woman reported to police in November that she was sexually assaulted by Songz at The Cosmopolitan hotel after earlier celebrating his birthday at another venue.

Las Vegas police opened an investigation into the alleged assault and confirmed.

In the meantime, Ruski also popped with more words of defense for Songz on his Instagram account. In now-deleted posts, he declared, “…there is no rape charges that have been brought against him….NONE,” as he addressed claims by social media users who suggested that Keke Palmer had hinted that the singer was a sexual deviant.