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Aspiring Rapper Arrested At Diddy House For Jumping Fence


Diddy had an unwanted guest at his house.

Breaking on to the Music Scene is a tough gig for many aspiring entertainers, and some go to drastic measures to get their music heard. We have all seen shameless calls from entertainers on social media to view their content on Soundcloud or their social media pages.

Some have also used paid promotional services to get their music pushed to disc jockeys, music executives, or just about anyone with an ear to listen. An aspiring artiste by the name of Isaiah Smalls felt the need to go the extra mile when he added trespassing as one of his tactics of promotion. This was not just any property that he gained access to, as he climbed the gate of Diddy’s home in Los Angeles with his mixtape in hand.

Passersby videotapes the entertainer banging on the hip hop mogul’s gate and cursing with the property security. Smalls apparently jumped over the gate after the security team denied his request to enter the property to play Diddy his demo. The 23-year-old was held by the security team before being handed over to the law enforcement team. He was slapped with trespassing charges but released from police lockup an hour later.

Diddy was not home at the time of the incident. The entrepreneur and hip hop mogul is known for his work in putting another Smalls on the map when he fostered the talents of his dear friend Biggie Smalls during the 90s.

The Bad Boy Records chief also managed and signed many other talents such as Ma$e, Shyne, the group 112, Black Rob, Carl Thomas, Craig Mack, Danity Kane, Dream, Elephant Man, Faith Evans, Gorilla Zoe, Janelle Monae, Loon, New Edition, Red Cafe, and The Lox. Sadly all the names listed have left the label, a point which several people shared in the comment section of posts surrounding the recent trespassing.