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Isaiah Rashad Outed As Gay In Leaked Video, Gets Outpouring Of Support From Rappers

Isaiah Rashad
Isaiah Rashad

Isaiah Rashad gets an outpouring of support after an embarrassing video leaked online outing him as gay.

Despite the homophobia that typically surrounds the genres of rap and hip hop, it was all about showing another human being love and support in their time of need. Hence fellow rappers joined fans in uplifting rapper Isaiah Rashad after clips with the “Oxymoron” artiste were leaked.

It is not clear if his device was hacked or it was an inadvertent sharing with the wrong person who ‘outed’ him, but his bedroom business was put out there for all to see. The first video clip which surfaced showed him performing oral sex on another male, while the second clip showed the said act being reciprocated on him by two men. In the past, Rashad, whose real name is Isaiah McLain, has never spoken about his sexual orientation. Generally, when videos are leaked, what follows are countless memes and tweets making fun of the person, but this has not been the case for Rashad, as across the industry, people have been reaching out to let him know that this too shall pass.

Though he was first signed in 2013, Rashad has been rapping since the tenth grade. The Tennessee native released his debut album” The Sun’s Tirade” in 2016, which went all the way to number 17 on the Billboard 200 chart. A few years ago, he opened up about struggling with depression and anxiety and revealed that for a time, he was addicted to alcohol and Xanax and would do things that almost got him dropped by Top Dawg Entertainment at least three times as he kept messing up. He then shared that he has since kicked his substance abuse problems and was able to get his act together. It may be these struggles that he has had in the past that have played a role in the outpouring of love that the 30-year-old “The House is Burning” entertainer has been receiving.

Fellow Tennessee rapper Duke Deuce tweeted, “Another Man’s preference ain’t got sh*t to do with me nor anyone else. Rashad you a great mf artist. keep your head up brother. CRUNKSTARZ dgaf what others think of them.” Radio Host Peter Rosenberg piggybacked on that and added his own uplifting words stating, “@isaiah rashad one of the best young artist and coolest people in the game. I will always rock with this dude…love the last record so much.”

Toronto Rapper DiJay5B was not mincing words when he declared, “Whoever leaked the videos of Isaiah Rashad is a f***ing loser!”

Haitian-American rapper Zoey Dollaz also showed him some love, noting, “Call it how you want but I’m still gonna listen to and support Isaiah Rashad music. That man’s preference has nothing to do with me dawg. Still a very talented artist and yall still support pedos, murderers, rapists and much worse artists.”

Though Rashad himself has so far not addressed the leaked video, he can sleep comfortably knowing that his fans have his back and are supportive of him regardless of what went down. In a touching tweet that went viral, one female fan embraced him wholeheartedly, flaws and all. “My heart goes out to Isaiah Rashad. Please do not share or promote any harmful videos. Someone’s well-being is worth more than a few likes. To anyone that has been in a similar situation, you deserve peace and justice,” she wrote.

Isaiah Rashad reportedly dated SZA in the past. He has not addressed the leaked video.