Popcaan Beefing With Another Ex-Unruly Artiste Jafrass

Popcaan Jafrass
Popcaan, Jafrass

Popcaan and Jafrass on a war of words on Instagram.

Popcaan, who was crowned the ‘War Prince’ by Vybz Kartel himself, seems to be living up to that title with minimal effort, as yet another former member of his Unruly camp chant fire against the “So Bad” entertainer.

Things got pretty intense between the two men in 2020, which led to both of them un-following each other on Instagram. While it is unclear what reignited the matter that has been dormant for some time, Jafrass is now spewing hot and heated comments that came at ‘Poppy’ in a series of posts to his IG Story on Monday, February 7. Jafrass also released a “Well Precise” song aimed at the “Level” deejay, which spoke to his online trolling, bullying, and instigating behavior.

Jafrass was not in the mood to mince words, and he called out the “Where We Come From” entertainer by name, leaving no doubt to anyone as to who he was addressing. Going in hard, he wrote, “Ba**yman popcaan doh send no punk fi try diss me cause me and you know that nuh possible. Behave yuh sh*t up self punk! You nuh waa see me rich but all if yu guh Haiti, you cyah stop the blessing pu**y! Bout diss. wah kinda diss? a CD?”

Jafrass Instagram

Popcaan has since responded to Jafrass with a message shared on his IG Story.

“You need to understand this. When someone betrays you, it’s a blessing. Imagine going though life not knowing that someone had bad intention towards you. It’s the Almighty’s way of exposing them. Be grateful and move on. It won’t be easy but remember it could have been worse!”

Popcaan has also had issues with other former members of the unruly camp, namely producers Petro and Unruly Cuz. In July 2021, it was alleged that Unruly Cuz punched Popcaan in his face at the camp’s regular chill spot in St Thomas dubbed ‘Unruly River.’ Though Popcaan has since denied being hit by his own cousin, the rumor persists, and both Cuz and Petro have removed the word ‘unruly’ from their Instagram names.

During his recent tour of the Gambia and a performance at the Bakau Independence Stadium in January, Popcaan took the opportunity to change up the lyrics of “Inviolable” to diss his former allies. Instead of “petro and cuz gwan check off a mil,” he served up “petro and cuz s*ck yuh mada still.” This is even more unfortunate as well as ironic since the track “Inviolable,” which was produced in 2018, speaks not only about the unruly team’s winning streak but also about how the bonds in the camp are unbreakable.

Petro wasted no time responding with “Suh far you gone (Africa) wid man pon yuh mind? U a muss fish. Attention poppy show a look. #S**kBakUMumma big pu**y.”

A day later, Unruly Cuz, who now goes by the name ‘Badcuz,’ took to Instagram to vent his displeasure and wrote, “Pu**y a dat yuh a say. Guh s*ck out back yu mada, ba**ybwoy. And moreover u neva gi we a mil yet suh stop tell lie eena song.”

Popcaan also has beef with Versi, another former member of the Unruly camp. The two have been at odds since Versi claims that he was instrumental in penning some of the crew’s biggest lyrical hits. Popcaan got upset about this and proceeded to level insults at Versi’s mother, which resulted in Versi executing his own diss track leveled at Popcaan’s beloved Miss Rhona.

The numerous issues with Popcaan and those close to him have led to dancehall fans questioning whether the deejay was even qualified to question recent scuffles between the female entertainers of dancehall. In the same instance, the flair up with Jafrass and his former Unruly Boss has added support to claims made by Tanya during IG LIVE dissection of her beef with Marion Hall, formerly Lady Saw.

“When Bounty and Beenie feud fi years nobody said, “Wa wrong wid the man dem inna dancehall,” she explained. “Even inna different time Kartel and Mavado still – nobody said, “how the man dem so f**ked up, why the man dem live so bad.”