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Yo Gotti Paying For Clark Atlanta Student Tuition Who Entered Dolla Fo Dolla Challenge

Yo Gotti
Yo Gotti

Yo Gotti is retiring after more than two decades as a rapper as he shifts his attention to his co-owned label as a full-time executive, and the rapper is setting out the most memorable retirement.

The CMG honcho recently announced that his current album, which was released on February 4, will be his farewell album to friends. The rapper’s double album was delayed out of respect for rapper Young Dolph who was shot and killed in November last year, but it has garnered a lot of attention from fans, including many upcoming talents seeking to break out on the music scene.

On Sunday, Yo Gotti signaled that he would continue to support talented artists even as he left the rap scene. His music executive role is expected to see him fully engage with talent development and create the next crop of artists, and he seems well on the way with a fresh batch of talented acts ready for the next level.

Yo Gotti recently had his ‘Dolla Fo Dolla’ challenge in which he invited amateur artists to submit a verse for the song, and the winning entry would get featured on his song on the new album. Despite selecting a winner for the competition on Saturday, the rapper decided to still show his support to another entrant who didn’t win.

The entrant is a Clark Atlanta student who goes by the name Miss Blaze who Yo Gotti said he was impressed by with her drive to perfect her craft while also attending college.

“Yo @missblaze I Respect u focusing on ur Talent while Still focusing on ur Education, #DatsBoss #DoubleFocus. So I wanna Pay For ur Next College Semester #DollaFoDolla. #ScholarshipGOTTI.”

The rapper’s competition would see him paying for the winning artist’s upcoming music video shoots and recording studio time.

Miss Blaze is relatively unknown, but the attention received ought to assist her in getting publicity and hopefully more bookings and a record deal.

Miss Blaze submitted her “Dolla Fo Dolla” challenge verse while wearing her Clark Atlanta University sweatshirt. Her bars curiously spoke about getting men to pay for her tuition fee, among other things.