Kevin Gates, His Wife Dreka Gates Lives Their Best Lives In Jamaica For His 36th Birthday

Kevin Dreka
Kevin Gates, Dreka Gates

Kevin Gates celebrates his 36th birthday in Jamaica with his wife Dreka Gates and some friends.

In celebration of his thirty-six cycles around the sun, Baton Rouge rapper Kevin Gates decided to do it big by living his best life in Jamaica over the weekend. He ensured his huge fanbase knew just how much fun he had with numerous posts to social media. The “Stranger than Fiction” entertainer started his day right when he decided to chill on the beach. By nightfall, the rapper was living like a true Jamaican as he got his taste of the music the island had to offer from a block/street party.

Born Kevin Gilyard, Kevin Gates, who is of Puerto Rican and Moroccan descent, began his music career in 2007 with his first mixtape, “Pick of Da Litter.” In 2013 during an interview with Complex Magazine, Gates shared that Jamaica and its culture have always interested him, and for a while, when he was growing up, all he listened to was Jamaican music.

“I was always interested in Jamaican culture and I knew some Jamaicans so they taught me a lot about the culture and I really observed them a lot and ate with them and all that. They taught me about Rastafarianism and they always had reggae music playing. I’m not just saying that I gravitated towards Jamaican music, I went through a stage where that was all I listened to at one point.”

Hence as a fan of Capleton, Sizzla, Peter Tosh, Bob Marley, Buju Banton, and Frisco Kid, it was only natural that eventually, he would visit the island to see some of what he had heard about so that he could experience it for himself. A birthday excursion proved to be the ideal opportunity. In a shirtless picture in which he was serving tattoos and sculpted abs, Gates posed on Instagram with the caption “36 of ’em. You know I’m a whole thang. #DaBiggestEagle.”

In thanking friends, family, and fans for the thousands of birthday wishes, he later declared, “Everybody that wished me a happy birthday, happy anniversary and my journey around the sun, I thank you. I love you all.”

Kevin Gates also shared that he was in Jamaica having the time of his life, as evidenced by the sea view with the crystal clear water in his background. Later his Instagram story highlighted the scene of his next adventure, which happened to be a street dance in the capital city that was crowded, colorful and wild which describes any typical street dance worth it’s salt. In the middle of the activities, which featured smoking, drinking, dancing, and loud music blaring, Gates was seen having fun, soaking up the sights, scenes, and culture that he has so long admired.