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Rick Ross Who Is Worth $45 Million Admits He’s Still Not Good At Math

Rick Ross
Rick Ross

Rick Ross says he struggled with his academics in High School and used jokes to take attention away from his problems with learning math.

The successful rapper and businessman joked that he still has not learned his multiplication to this day as he reflected on his struggles as a student. While speaking on AfroTech, Rick Ross explained that he would often make jokes and use humor to divert attention from the fact that he was having difficulty grasping academic lessons.

“Without a doubt, I was a comedian, I had a good sense of humor,” Rozay said. “I don’t think it was just because I naturally wanted to be, but [because] I didn’t know the answers to the questions and all the stuff [the teachers were] writing on the wall.”

The rapper was a student of Miami Carol City Senior High School. Despite his early struggles, he holds the enviable position as one of the most successful rappers in the game, not only in music but in the music world with his business ventures.

Rick Ross added that he was the class joker, so it wasn’t obvious that he didn’t understand the areas he was studying in school.

“That might’ve been my way to cover that up because I never understood, I never learned my multiplication still to this day,” Rozay added. “Imagine when they began going into pre-algebra a=e, that sh*t was like a whole’ nother language to me.”

He added that mathematics was his tough subject, but his stronger English language skills were used strategically, and that’s what he credits for his strong writing abilities as an artist.

Rick Ross instead focuses on mastering the art of language as a means to hide his shortcomings in math, which is likely why he became a rapper and an author.

The Carol City native also spoke about his desire to want more out of life as he noticed that the people with the nicer homes were business people and did not go into traditional careers.

Rick Ross revealed that he never wanted to be somebody like a dentist or a doctor, because he knew from early that he either wanted to be a ball player or build his own empire. These days that is what he is doing and has since amassed a whopping net worth of around $45 million.