Spice Details Her Years Of Beef With Marion Hall In Lengthy IG Live Rant

Lady Saw Marion and Spice
Marion Hall, Spice

Spice responded to Marion Hall, aka Lady Saw as she hits out at the now gospel singer calling her envious and jealous of her success.

In an Instagram video, Spice claimed that she and Hall were friends for ten years but the former dancehall deejay who went by the moniker ‘Lady Saw’ was the one who said she was passing on the title of Queen of the Dancehall but later had a problem with her after she started buying into the idea.

“Move yuh dutty b*****,” Spice says in an Instagram live video.

“Yuh badmind, yuh heart black, yuh is a jezebel you nuh like fi see anybody prosper. Like mi say me and you a friend fi ten years and all along yuh deh pon “yeah man she’s the next Queen of the dancehall’ but when mi tek it back and see me a run wid it you have a problem,” she accused Lady Saw.

Marion Hall this week came out on video bashing Spice, Shenseea, Jada Kingdom, and Ishawna, who she said were all on a ‘race to hell.’ She, in particular, singled out Spice, whom she said was “played’ out, and spoke on how the deejay’s body looked as well as brought her children into the discussion.

Spice’s career has taken off tremendously as she’s now a member of the cast of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, and she has launched several brands in her name as she capitalizes on her fame and fortune.

Marion Hall, on the other hand, might have benefitted from an era when actual music was sold, but her career was never as illustrious as Shenseea’s or Spice, although there is no doubt that she is well-respected in the dancehall community for her music and performances.

Spice, however, said fans hate her because of the way Lady Saw has portrayed her when she is the one who is the problem.

“The amount of hate me receive inna Jamaica because of that woman! Mighty Jesus!” Spice claimed.

Spice says she is ready for Marion Hall, who announced on Friday that she was releasing a song with Shenseea, whom she had said was doing “forced labour” with her recent song “Lick,” which saw the deejay strip down almost naked as she performed for the song.

“If she ever do a song and I feel like she a throw word offa me I would limb up har dutty b*******t because bad mind anuh something fi u born wid, and badmind a nuh sinting you fi have,” an angry said.

“mi never trouble har so nobody nuh fi call me and say mi fi done,” she said.

Meanwhile, Spice says that Hall was always jealous of her and dissed her in 1999. According to her, when as a late-teenager, she was invited to an event, “It’s Da Party” by Bounty Killer. She said she didn’t have clothes or shoes, but she wanted to perform, and she went to the event. However, she said she reached late for the event because she had to walk from Braeton, where she lived to the event location.

“When mi reach late at ‘It’s Da Party’ him say mi tell you fi come and the young artist dem perform already… mi stand up there and mi say mi nah go home because mi want work. And when mi reach late, Lady Saw come…memba mi a likkle gal, mi excited and mi excited…bare stars mi a see. Dem time deh Bounty Killer used to call mi pan stage,” she said.

She continued, “Bounty Killer go make the mistake and Bounty Killer go look pan the woman and say ‘Lady Saw see da likkle gal ya, a she name Spice, and Mi a tell yuh she bad, she wassy, she remind me a you, a she come take over from you,” she said Bounty Killer told Lady Saw.

However, instead of making the talented young Spice take the stage to get some exposure, Spice says Lady Saw shamed her.

“Corrupt, black, dutty, Jezebel, demon, badmind…the oman hate me like poison…when the man go to Lady Saw when she a perform… when Bounty say ‘call up Spice,’ hear the woman pan the mic, I bawl the whole night I never forget… hear the woman, “who? Spice? Make Spice gwan stay inna rice,” Spice said.

Spice had a message for Lady Saw and others who were involving her in drama.

“Yuh dutty bl*******t mi never forget. I want somebody find the video. And don’t bother come talk about Richie Spice brother…Any how unu make old spice weh use to hungry comeback, unu get fK. unu better take comfortable Spice because if me go back to hungry days unu get fk.”

Spice said the incident hurt her feelings, especially since she walked long distances to get to the event with high hopes.

Meanwhile, Spice says that despite the incident, she and Hall had become friends, but over the ten years she knew her, she had begged her to do a song but Saw never responded.

Spice was equally harsh in her critique of Hall, telling her, “You better repent, because you is not of God, you know you is not of God. You nuh see you go inna the church and still have problems, the pastor haffi run you out. Weh you a call mi name for dutty woman talking bout love, I don’t want no love from you, if you was the only person left pan the face of this year and God come and say a one somebody fi love you fi you live, I rather die.”

Spice said, “Until I can look and see that Marion Hall is genuine and she is really, a woman of God, that is the day I will say yes, but until then you is a jezebel.”

Spice also said she was waiting for Hall’s song.