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Slim Jxmmi’s Girlfriend Says Cops Lying Amid Domestic Violence Arrest In Miami

Slim Jxmmi
Slim Jxmmi

Slim Jxmmi, whose real name is Aaquil Brown, has been arrested by Miami-Dade police for allegedly attacking the mother of his child — and destroying her phone after an encounter on Tuesday morning.

According to TMZ, the rapper’s baby mother claims that he and his girlfriend of three years had an argument that led to the rapper pulling out her hair extensions, and he also fought her for a phone which had evidence of domestic violence.

Police say the rapper reportedly flung the phone out of his 15th-floor apartment to stop his girlfriend from posting a video of him attacking her.

The alleged victim is counteracting the story of the police. According to the celebrity news publication, the girlfriend called the outlet to clarify things and said, “Dade County y’all are wrong for this. I told you guys he did not hit me. Every officer you guys had in my face are wrong for this. No hands were put on anybody, I stated it more than once,” she said.

She also clarified what led to the police being called. “It was a loud argument and the police were called. You guys turn nothing into something.”

The Miami Herald, in a separate news report, says that the police arrest report said Brown was out drinking with his producer on Monday night after he and his girlfriend argued about a female he followed on Twitter.

The report says upon returning home, “she smelled alcohol emitting from his breath,” and she left to go to Taco Bell for food while Brown remained at home with their baby. It went on to say the woman said after returning home, she took a shower and saw Brown and their baby sleeping in a playpen around 5 am.

However, she and Brown got into an argument after she asked him to take the playpen into the bedroom.

“The victim reached inside the playpen to grab the baby but [Brown] pulled her hair to stop her from taking the baby,” the arrest report read. “The victim’s hair extension was pulled from her scalp in the process.”

The report says she then tried to record the artist, but he became enraged and chased her, leading to her hiding the device in her bra and curling up in a fetal position.

When she attempted to use the phone, he tried to grab the phone, and she ran into their bedroom, leading to the artist kicking the door open.

“The parties began tussling over the phone and the victim sustained scratch marks on her chest from [Brown] removing the phone from her bra,” the arrest report said. “[Brown] then threw the phone over the balcony in order to stop her from posting the recording on social media.”

Meanwhile, the phone was found undamaged on the west side of Northwest 17th Street.

The rapper has not been granted bond as yet.