Chronic Law and Squash Iced Beef Rumors In 6ix Camp

Chronic Law and Squash 6ix
Chronic Law, Squash

Chronic Law and Squash say there is no beef between them.

Rumors of the 6ix Camp being in disarray have come to a halt, after two of the major players who were supposedly beefing silenced the critics.

The rumor of beef between Squash and Chronic Law, arguably the two biggest names out of the 6ixx camp, began to gain traction nearly two weeks ago following a Youtube vlog posted by True Island Stories. The anonymous vlogger claims that there are internal feuds taking place in the camp however, the members are trying to keep it under wraps. He is of the belief that Chronic Law’s decision to address himself as 1Lawboss may have disturbed the group mentality that Squash has been trying to bring forward. Furthermore, he believes Chronic Law’s decision to collaborate with Tommy Lee on “Judgement Day,” can be seen as disloyal based on previous gang activities between groups in Flankers and Salt Spring, Montego Bay.

The story was quickly picked up by other channels who continued to blaze the fire below the rumor. Both men, with the help of the known 6ixx camp producer Hemton Music, have blasted vloggers and critics who have doubted their loyalty to each other.

Two days ago the official Instagram page for Hemton Music shared a throwback image of both Squash and Chronic Law posing next to each other flashing the 6ixx hand sign.

“SOME UNU VLOGGERS FI STOP SPREAD FAKE NEWS,” Hemton wrote in bold large print before making it known that the family is still very much alive and well.

“2 bosses 1 Aim 1 Dream 1 destiny 1 family 1 Law 1 6ix 1 Team Nth nuh Change ?? @squash6iixboss x @1law_chroniclaw357”

6ixxBoss Squash seconded the notion by asking the spreaders of fake news to relax. “Dem need fi stop the Mockery. Family a family . Those guys need to tek a chill pill,” he wrote with a handful of laughing emojis.

Chronic Law cosigned Hemton’s post with a few praying emojis and the following message: “at di end a di day a night ?? neva lie mi dawg.”

Squash ignited the 6ixx brand in 2016 and got his fame when his single “Lavish” took the Western World by storm while he was in jail. The Montego-based 6ixx family would soon grow to include Chronic Law who currently resides in St. Thomas. 2017 introduced Lawboss to the world and his lyrical delivery soon captivated fans. The group expanded its reach in the coming years to include Daddy1, Bobby 6ixx, and Rebel 6ixx, who hailed from Trinidad and Tobago. The group was left to mourn the passing of Rebel in 2020 after he was shot several times when two gunmen entered his Viceroy Crescent, Bon Air Gardens, Arouca home while he was playing a video game.

Chronic Law and Squash have collaborated on tracks such as “One Family,” “School Days,” and “Nozzle.”