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Yung Bleu Spending $100K On Security Amid Arrest After Attempted Robbery

Yung Bleu
Yung Bleu

Yung Bleu says he spends $100,000 annually on security amid reports he was arrested following a rumored attempted robbery.

The rapper and four of his associates have been arrested after an alleged attempted robbery that turned into a shoot-out on Thursday night in Los Angeles. The details of the incident have not been officially confirmed by the police. However, reports on Friday claimed that the rapper and his team were the victims in the incident even though they were later detained.

Yung Bleu and four members of his team were reportedly waiting for their food at Bossa Nova on Sunset Boulevard when the incident took place. The five men were waiting on the food that was still being prepared an armed man attempted to rob them.

Reports are that during the incident, Yung Bleu and his brother exchanged gunfire with the perpetrator.

The rapper’s manager was grazed by the bullet, and the other men have reported no injuries.

The Shaderoom added that the rapper and his team immediately left the scene but came back later to collect their car that was left there. That’s when police arrested them both. A video online shows the men being surrounded by officers while police search the trunk of the car.

The rapper and his brother were charged with “criminal negligence and possession of a firearm but were released by Friday.

Unnamed sources published by the Shaderoom say the rappers say the armed man had “robbed somebody next to Bleu’s team and then started coming towards them,” resulting in them opening gunfire which was returned by the alleged robber.

The source said that “when they ran around front they caught Bleu and his team on camera. No camera was on the side street where it started. The camera angle it had only shown them with guns,” and not the perpetrator, the source claimed.

The alleged robber escaped and has not been arrested by police.