Popcaan Announces Big Show In Nairobi Set For April 2022


Popcaan shared that after his successful show in The Gambia this past weekend, he is obliging fans and heading to Kenya.

Over the weekend, Popcaan shared a massive crowd attended his concert on January 15 in The Gambia. Unruly fans in the African nation had shared their excitement which went viral online, and saw many Kenyan fans asking when he would be visiting Nairobi.

Fans, in particular, joked about the deejay losing his iPhone. It seems that Popcaan, who has been in African for the last couple of weeks, is adding to his schedule a future Kenyan show.

He announced his upcoming African tour on Twitter on Monday afternoon.

“Niaje Nairobi! It’s Official, finally a forward to 254 After many requests from my Kenyan Unruly fans, @vibesonly_ke will push the event in Nairobi to April 16 2022. Forward out and let’s make this one another historic show!”

Earlier on Monday, the deejay shared that the event was historical for The Gambia. The singer has been treated like royalty as fans swarm to get a glimpse or shout-out from him.

Popcaan also hit out at media on Twitter as he noted the power of his fan base. “Me nuh give a f**k Wey the media say!! Me just listen Wey the real a say!!! #STRONGERNOW #UNRULY.”

Last week, there was an incident in Ghana where gunmen attacked a bar the deejay was visiting to allegedly steal his jewelry. Popcaan has dispelled reports that he was “rescued” by Ghana police even though a video online showed him surrounded by armed men guiding him to his vehicle.

Meanwhile, fans of the deejay reacted to the news as many also warned him to be careful.

“Ah nuff gangsta an di yout dem deh round deh inna Nairobi asuh yuh affi care fi yuh phone dem enuh mi gee… di phone ah mi concern poppy,” one fan said laughing.

“You’re welcome but please ensure that you leave your phone in Ethiopia before landing here,” another fan said.

“Unruly king Uganda shd be on your agenda too,” one of his Ugandan fans said while another one from Sierra Leone also asked him to visit.

Meanwhile, the deejay who bought a mansion in Ghana in 2020 has visited the country several times over the last two years. However, his fans asked when he would perform in Ghana.

“I don’t understand why you have been in Ghana Flag of Ghana several times but you have [not] arranged or scheduled any show for your #Unruly fans here lol.”