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Key Glock Raps About Losing Young Dolph To Gun Violence In New Song ‘Proud’

Key Glock Young Dolph
Key Glock, Young Dolph

Key Glock put his pain in a new song as he tribute Young Dolph, who was shot and killed in November last year.

Last year, 2021, the rap community lost many young rappers to violence. One of the deaths that impacted the hip-hop community and sent many into mourning was the death of Young Dolph. Sadly, the “By Mistake” rapper was gunned down in a daylight ambush at a popular cookie shop in November in his hometown of Memphis.

The effects of his death are still being felt by his friends and family. One of his closest friends and another Memphis native, Key Glock, has expressed his dismay at losing his friend in an upcoming track.

He previewed the track on Instagram and it’s clear that he’s poured his feelings at losing his cousin into it. The “Baby Joker” rapper made the post yesterday, January 17.

“I lost my dog, I lost my man, won’t lie, I’m really lost inside/I can get it back in blood but still, I can’t get back the time/And f**k that humble sh*t, let’s go, you know I’m spazzin’ out ’bout mine/I got Dolph lookin’ down on me, I know that n***a proud.”

The post seems to have since been removed from Instagram, but the preview was caught and tweeted by Rap Alert.

While there isn’t much more information about the song, it looks like it might be titled “Proud,” and there’s also no concrete indicator that it will appear on PRE’s forthcoming Long Live Dolph compilation album. That is expected to drop this Friday, January 21. Key Glock is also expected to feature on it, but no track has been confirmed as yet.

Key Glock will be forever grateful to the man who signed him to Paper Route Empire in 2017.

Two men have since been arrested for Young Dolph’s murder. That information was confirmed by authorities on January 12. According to U.S. Marshals, one of the suspects, 23-year-old Justin Johnson, was captured in Indiana on Tuesday, January 11, around 3 p.m.

The other suspected gunman, Cornelius Smith, was also arrested and booked into Shelby County Jail. He was charged with first-degree murder for the rapper’s death. Added to that, Smith is also charged with attempted murder for allegedly shooting at Young Dolph’s brother, who was with him inside Makeda’s Cookies at the time of the shooting.