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NBA YoungBoy’s Fan Assaulted NLE Choppa At Airport Caught On Video

NLE Choppa
NLE Choppa

A man online is claiming to be a fan of NBA YoungBoy says that he beat up rapper NLE Choppa while he was walking through the airport.

The video shows the rapper wearing a red and orange outfit when a person who is making the video asks him, “Are you scared? are you NLE? I asked you mad times, what stop playing me,” before the video goes black as the NBA YoungBoy fan apparently dropped his while as NLE can be heard asking him “What’s up?” several times.

Social media users are claiming that the fan who approached NLE is an NBA Youngboy fan as he has been seen throwing up NBA’s 4KT hand sign.

In other videos online, a man who claims to be the person and goes by the name Big 4KTrey who approached the rapper can be seen boasting about beating up the rapper.

“Aye yo, yea I just knocked out NLE Choppa, he’s a f***king b*****…4Ktry we in this b****,” he said in a video.

In another video on Twitter, it appears that NLE Choppa squared up and threw the first punch at the fan. However, contrary to claims, the fan did not knock out NLE as the rapper who is wearing flip flops slipped but quickly got back on his feet as he advanced towards NBA’s fan, who then ran away.

None of the wild swings were connected to NLE Choppa. The rapper appeared fine as he appeared on Battle Rap radio Los Angeles.

The rapper has not addressed the video as yet.

In the meantime, it’s not strange for a fan to jump into a beef between two rappers. NLE Choppa and NBA Youngboy seem to have been beefing over NLE’s ex Mariah who has also been with NBA Youngboy.

Although they have not publicly addressed each other, the rappers do not appear to be fans of each other even though members of the public have suggested that their music style is similar.