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Kendrick Lamar Gets Clowned On Twitter For Slave Intern Movie

Kendrick Lamar
Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar is stepping up his acting game ahead of his possible retirement from rap after his next album.

It’s been almost five years that Kendrick Lamar‘s fans have been waiting for him to drop another album. As the wait continues and rumors of impending albums continue to trend, Kendrick has been keeping himself busy.

However, it seems not everything he touches turns to gold. One of his latest projects, a film that he’s working on in collaboration with South Park’s co-creator, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, has received quite some negative feedback from his loyal cohort.

While the movie hasn’t even been named yet, according to what’s been leaked so far about the flick so far it is expected to “follow a Black man interning as a slave reenactor at a museum who discovers that his white girlfriend’s ancestors once owned his [ancestors].”

Without even knowing all of the details, fans did not wait to have their say as hundreds of Twitter users expressed their chagrin with the direction of the film. Always sharp, Twitter users weighed in with what they think the project is about and why it’s a bad idea.

One fan even said that it sounded like a mash-up of Jordan Peele’s horror hit Get Out and the Ben Stiller-led family comedy Night at the Museum. The fan even came up with a name for the movie, calling it “Get Out the Museum.”

Some of the more confirmed details were revealed by XXL Mag, which reported that the upcoming film will be a live-action one and that it was written by Vernon Chatman.

According to the article, “Kendrick and Dave Free are producing the movie through pgLang while Stone and Parker and working via Park Country.” To date, no director has been associated with the movie, but it is expected to begin filming in Spring 2022.

Take a look at what some fans thought about Kendrick Lamar’s latest venture. What are your thoughts?