Kanye West All Smiles At Daughter Chicago’s Birthday Party After Bashing Kim Kardashian 

Kim Kardashian Kanye West
Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

Kanye West was all smiles at his daughter Chicago West’s 4th birthday party after going on a rampage on Saturday claiming that Kim Kardashian didn’t invite him.

Determined as he said to control the narrative of his story, rapper Kanye West stated that his ex Kim Kardashian is playing games as he has accused her of not sharing with him the address to his daughter’s birthday party.

On Saturday, Kanye West, who now goes by the name Ye, took to Instagram and made a series of posts detailing that he was deliberately not invited to his child’s 4th birthday party. He also decided to share how he feels about women who use their children as pawns and how they aid the system in taking black fathers out of their children’s lives.

Declaring, “Chicago, I love You,” Kanye West came across as earnest as he stated that although he called around and asked Kim Kardashian, Tristan Thompson, and even the nannies, nobody would answer his question as to the party’s location, which left him frustrated hence his post.

“I’m just wishing my daughter a happy birthday and I’m just putting this on lock,” Kanye said. “Nobody is giving me the address to my daughter’s birthday party. It’s nothing legal and it’s the kind of games they playing but that’s going to imprint in my daughter’s mind that her daddy wasn’t there for her. These games have been affecting my health for the longest and now I’m just not playing and I’m gonna be the best father as I’m not finna let this happen.”

The “Donda” artiste, who separated from his wife Kim in February 2021 and shared joint custody with the reality TV star, said that he changed his whole schedule to ensure that he remains in his children’s lives.

“I was supposed to be in Miami recording this album but I want to take my children to school and be in their lives and nobody is going to stop me despite them trying to play games.”

After his posts went viral, the pressure may have gotten to the Kardashian family as the court of public opinion was not in their favor as the general sentiment was no matter the issues that adults may have with each other, children were off-limits and should be kept out of the petty drama. E

ventually, Kanye West got what he wanted and turned up for Chicago, and he could be seen in pictures with her trying to smash a pink piñata designed in the number ‘four .’Kanye could also be seen standing beside Kris as he ate an ice cream cone while they conversed.

While most were happy that he eventually got to be a part of the special day, others felt that the Kardashian family led by monarch Kris decided that they should utilize his presence if they could not keep him away. So they let him come and then took many pictures of him with Chicago to do public relations damage control.

One fan commented, “One thing about them Kardashians, the ball is gonna always be in their court,” while another chimed, “They think they slick now. Watch how they gonna make a bunch of posts with him at the party.”