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Chris Brown Drops “Iffy” Visual To Kick Off New Breezy Era

Chris Brown
Chris Brown

Chris Brown officially kicks off his new Breezy era.

Delivering on his promise of new music for the new year, Chris Brown drops “Iffy.” There is nothing iffy about his vocals, energetic dancing, or the video to the track, which feels much like a mini ‘Fast and Furious/Transformers movie.

“Iffy” offers a foreshadowing of what to expect from his upcoming tenth studio album. The new R&B anthem, co-written with Eric Bellinger, feels like a celebration of life. Directed by Joseph Kahn, “Iffy” features Breezy with some fancy foot works as the “Fortune” artiste is known for. In addition to his hip hop movements, Chris Brown and choreographer Joshua Smith incorporated some ‘Capoeira’ moves which is a Brazilian martial art that fuses elements of acrobatics with dance.

The three-minute video involves a high-speed chase which eventually transitions into some slick dancing above their getaway cards. E

Some noteworthy lyrics from Chris Brown include, “Pinky ring worth ’bout two-fifty (Ooh, ayy),Tto-tone my Lambo’, that’s drippy (Ooh, ayy). Bottle after bottle, now she tipsy (Ooh), can’t trust these hoes ’cause they iffy (Ooh, ayy). I know that your best friend gon’ slide now (Ooh, ayy), Party at my house, that’s a vibe now (Ooh, ayy).”

Fans of his craft cannot get enough of the video since its release a few hours ago on YouTube. One posted, “Chris Brown has been putting on for a while now and has solidified himself and elevated to another level. One of the most talented and versatile artists there is. He competes at a high level on almost everything. He is legendary already if he does not make another song/album. Congrats my brother.”

Another chimed, “I love the dancing/fighting he does in this video. Can’t wait for the album. The special effects are off the hinges and of course the choreography is bomb! I’m gonna watch this a few more times. Love it!”