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Lil Durk Reacts To NBA YoungBoy’s Gritty King Von Diss Track

Lil Durk King Von NBA YoungBoy

Lil Durk appeared to respond to NBA Youngboy’s verse dissing O-Block rapper King Von in his latest song released on Wednesday.

The beef between Durk and NBA YoungBoy is heating up. Although it has not been officially addressed, the rappers have been beefing due to their affiliations with rivals. Lil Durk is associated with King Von, and NBA Youngboy is affiliated with Quando Rondo, who is the arch-rival of the former.

NBA Youngboy and Lil Durk have collaborated on the song “My Side” (2017), but there is no love between them now as speculations are rife that they’re trading shots in new music. Durk seemingly dissed Youngboy with his verse on the single “Still Runnin” with Lil Baby and Meek Mill.

NBA’s song “Bring The Hook” was released on Wednesday, and verse two featured a reference to the late King Von, who was shot and killed on November 6, 2020, while outside of a club.

Ni**a, this that Squid Game, O-Block pack get rolled up / Murder what they told us, Atlanta boy get fold up / Ni**a get your hoes up, these b##ches throwin’ up green flags / Throwin’ that NBA up, for me, set you up to bust your a*s / And know I keep that murder bag,” YoungBoy raps.

Lil Durk was quick to respond as he posted himself sitting with stacks of money in his lap next to a life-sized photo of King Von, who is also holding a stack of cash.

“Don’t claim it if you ain’t do it you still a b**ch,” he captioned the photo.

Durkio’s nemesis Quando Rondo also shared the NBA song as he highlighted the reference to King Von.

“ObloCC pack get rolled up everyday no Cap,” he posted on his Instagram Stories.

Fans online reacted to the song, with many calling for the beef to end.

“Don’t die for a pseudo kill,” one person commented.

Others, however, felt that NBA YoungBoy was responding to shots thrown at him by Lil Durk and his associates.

“Durk was claiming a body he ain’t catch or touch but Durk and his people been dissing yb so when yb responds it’s an issue?” one fan wrote.

“I really hate when people disrespect the dead regardless of the beef. These kids don’t respect nothing or nobody. Empathy and compassion starts at home asking with a lot of other things that generation lacks,” one fan added while another said, “The 2 of you young men got about 40 kids in total… please stop the violence.”

Listen to YoungBoy Never Broke Again new song “Bring The Hook” below.