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The Night Bounty Killer Made Demarco Cry Will Make You Cry Too

Demarco Bounty Killer

Demarco shared the hilarious back story about the night Bounty Killer made him cry.

It was guffaws and giggles all around as dancehall artiste Demarco held court recently during an interview with DJ Kash on Hot 107.9 Atlanta. During the show he shared how his most iconic song caused a comical confrontation with the ‘Poor People’l Governor’ who later on made him cry. The funny story was retold by the “If I Could” entertainer who had the host cracking up as he shared that once Bounty Killer confronted him and told him that he owed him a suit of clothes because of the impact of his music.

Doing a very realistic Bounty voice imitation, Demarco went all in and shared how they met up at a party one Sunday evening and Bounty told him that his song “Fallen Soldiers” was so deep that it evoked high emotions in some. The track was so powerful that it brought about non-stop gun salutes while it was being played resulting in him and others having to take cover. “The man go so bam and see me now and start ‘Yow yout! Yow! You need fi buy back me clothes. Buy back my clothes, Bling Dawg clothes and Busy clothes’.”

The man sey when Fallen Soldiers’ came on a Tivoli, the rifle dem tun up. ‘it was an all white-event and I was all black! What you call dat? I was all black! Wey yah do yout! Yow d song bad. Cross!’”

Considering the comments an endorsement of his writing skills, Demarco said he then took it that he and Bounty Killer were on good terms that Sunday as they were drinking and talking all night. A few days later on Wednesday he went to ‘Weddy Weddy’ and saw Bounty and went up to him. Everything went left after that as he received a very frosty reception as Bounty had his armed folded in front of him and looked him up and down without responding. He then heard laughter and chuckles behind him and in his mind, Bounty’s crew were laughing at him. In his embarrassment, he decided to leave the party immediately.

 As he recounted the incident he was doing the movements and sounds which got Kash almost falling off of his stool as he howled in laughter. Demarco claimed that he was so embarrassed that he went back to his car and started crying in the car park as he said the general ‘dissed’ him big time.

“Me a bawl a go home, all a run nose naught and a cry ‘me done wid him, me nah hail d man again dawg!’ Eye wata, nose naught and bugu, a so d man have me a bawl. Killa diss me wicked star. Me drive go home go bawl, whole nite pillow wet, pillow soak,” he confessed.

After that, Marco decided to be strategic and not hail him but instead deliberately walk within his eyesight so that Bounty Killer cannot help but see him. That he said was his game plan which he executed until Bounty shouted to him at an event “Yow, Demarco, mind dem mark you! A whappen to you yout! A wey you a deal wid ?”

And just like that, it was as if the previous incident never took place. To this day he told DJ Kash, he has never brought it up or discussed it with the “When We Party” artiste.

Surely this story will make you cry laughing.