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Drake Sent Twitter Into A Frenzy With Shirtless Selfie Amid New Rumors About His Love Life

Drake selfie

Drake is enjoying the beginning of his 2022 as he lures in the ladies with another thirst-trapping photo dump on Instagram even as rumors swirl about a ‘spicy’ encounter with an IG model on Sunday night.

Drake was recently in Turks and Caicos, where he shared shirtless photos of himself on the beach, and now he’s back on the Gram being a tease as he shared photos from his latest trip to Miami.

The rapper shared how he was spending his vacation, which included stacks of money in a bag next to his orange and green crocs and a cute welcome note from the Setai Hotel where he is presumably staying. He also shared a powder blue G-Wagon and pictures of him laughing and having fun with OVO crew members Baka Not Nice and OVO Niko.

The rapper also shared a steamy bathroom selfie as he showed off his abs and torso as he pulled down his sweat pants, barely covering himself.

“There’s a point in the “fake it til you make it” theory where you actually gotta make it,” he captioned the series of photos.

Meanwhile, that’s not the only thing heating up the internet. A bizarre story has been circulating on the internet about the “Way 2 Sexy” rapper, saying that a sexy rendezvous got a little too spicy on Sunday night.

Reports on social media claim that Drake allegedly hooked up with an IG model to do the dirty and that the rapper had used a condom which he disposed of after the fact by pouring hot sauce in it to kill the sperm. The model who was with him did not seem to know that the rapper pregnancy-proofed his sperms and deceitfully attempted to insert the condom into herself, possibly in hopes of conceiving for the rapper.

Unfortunately, it seems that Sunday night was not the night Drake was going to have another child as the women allegedly began screaming as the pepper sauce blistered her private parts.

Drake has not commented on the allegations, but he has been trending on Twitter as people search for the alleged photos and the name of the IG model, which some social media sites have still not identified but have said is allegedly planning to sue the rapper.

Now, Drake has been the protagonist of not only Degrassi but many memes and stories, but none have been this outlandish.

Of course Drake is also trending on Twitter for another reason, his love life.