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Spice Flaunts Her Thickness In Versace And Says She Left ‘Dumpling’ In 2021


Spice flaunt her goods on the Gram to kick off her new year, but there are some things she left behind in 2021.

Many people like to start their year with resolutions, and even though some fail to honor the resolutions months and even weeks later, it still doesn’t stop everyone from attempting to turn a new leaf when the new year comes.

Making new year’s resolutions is something that seems common in many cultures despite religion or race. It is something folks love to share publicly as a way to keep themselves accountable.

Spice is no different as she has shared what her new year’s resolutions are, although in a glamorous way. On Wednesday, the dancehall deejay, known for her love for the color blue, shared that she was adding a clean diet to her 2022 goals.

“I took out the garbage and left a few things behind in 2021 including rice and dumpling,” she said, before asking fans what are “[some things] you left in 2021?”

The caption was accompanied by two sexy photos in which Spice is seen wearing a blue Versace underwear set and a blue fluffy fur coat with blue platform heels. Even her hair is blue as well as a prop –large garbage disposal with the words loud noise, rice, dumplings, toxic, procrastinating, haters, distractions, and friend-enemies.

She also shared a second photo where she is seen holding a black garbage bag.

Spice, who has previously spoken about her love for Jamaican food, has also shared that she has a deep love for Jamaican dumplings. The dumplings, which are made with flour, can be made fried or made with flour and cornmeal and boiled and served with butter.

In her recent Essence interview, Spice shared a loving memory of her father in which she says he would tempt her with extra dumplings if she sang for him, surprisingly something she says later contributed to her love for music and performance.

“A lot of people would think it would be a female artist, but my first inspiration came from Professor Nuts, Bob Marley, and Peter Tosh because my father, he was a huge fan of their music,” She said. “He would even say to me, ‘if you can sing a Professor Nuts song, I’m going to give you extra dumplings in your paper. I love dumplings,” she said.

The singer was also recently joking online as she called out Chef Rob for only giving her one dumpling in her food.