The Weeknd Shares ‘Dawn FM’ Artwork, Album Drops Friday Feat. Lil Wayne & Tyler The Creator

The Weeknd Dawn FM Artwork
The Weeknd ‘Dawn FM’ Artwork

The Weeknd shared what he would look like if was an old man with the artwork for his upcoming album, Dawn FM, drops this Friday with some big names on the feature list.

Certainly, the wait is finally over as The Weeknd has officially unveiled the date and the artists for his sophomore album to his project After Hours.

A trailer of the new album was posted over the weekend and teased a Jan 7, 2022 release date. The teaser also featured snippets of The Weeknd in various personalities with the tagline “A new sonic universe from the mind of the Weeknd.”

Among the artists featured in the trailer were Tyler, the Creator, Lil Wayne, Quincy Jones, Oneohtrix Point Never, and a surprise, Jim Carrey, all said to be appearing on the album.

Before the name of the album was officially released, The Weeknd had teased the name days before, “wake up at dawn tomorrow,” he said to fans.

At the 2021 Billboard Music Awards, he had also created anticipation for the album when he appeared in his iconic battered look, complete with a bloodied nose and black eyes.

“I just want to say the After Hours are done and The Dawn is coming.”

The Weeknd, whose real name is Abel Tesfaye, is working with XO Records co-founder La Mar Taylor, who also serves as creative director for the album.

His album After Hours, which was created as a short film, was nominated for six VMAs awards and 16 Billboard Music Awards. The singer walked away with 10 of the 16 nominations he received at the BBMAs, including Top Artist, Top 100 Artist of the Year award, Top Hot 100 Song for “Blinding Lights,” one of the most commercially successful songs for the year, among others.

The Billboard wins put to shame the Grammy Awards committee, which had snubbed the artist’s work as he had not received not one nomination, which led to many in the industry condemning the Grammy’s for being corrupt and racist, and leading to The Weeknd also vowing to boycott future Grammy ceremonies.

The whole incident led to an overhaul of the Grammy voting process, but the trust has been lost as more artists, including Drake, who spoke up for The Weeknd, called for a more inclusive awards entity.