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Ding Dong Debuts His new Dance “Rich Walk” With New Visual

Ding Dong

Ding Dong is practicing his “Rich Walk.”

For 2022, it is all about the “Rich Walk,” according to dancehall artiste Ding Dong in his latest track, dropped on Sunday, January 2. The Ravers frontman is back with a new dance move set to liven up the party scene, hopefully, when ‘outside’ starts keeping again.

Known as one of the biggest dancers and hype man in the industry with a string of dance-inspired tunes such as “Flairy’, “Skip to My Luu,” and “New Dip,” Ding Dong, whose real name is Kemar Ottey, has made it his personal mission to ‘nice up’ the music industry. Holding steady in the number seventeen position on YouTube, the song has already racked up over 35,000 views and has people practicing their shoulder and foot moves so that they can do it and look cool at the same time. This takes place when most artists take themselves way too seriously and frequently promote songs that speak to the harsh realities of poverty, living and being in the streets, and criminal activities.

Produced by Chimney Records and distributed by Marvment, the two-minute video features Ding Dong and about six of his energetic friends, both male, and female, dancing around him doing the basic motion which shows them with their arms straight out, going up and down almost in a see-saw like motion. It is fun, simple, and easy to do.

As Ding Dong explains it, the “Rich Walk” is something he will be practicing to do as while he is not rich yet, he aspires to be, and so he is naming and claiming it and putting his best foot forward so that the accomplishment happens sooner rather than later.

“She waa rich ni**as, young millionaire, nine, ten figure / Money fi nuff like air. Yea you haffi have the rich walk, stop the crap chat you haffi mek you sh*t talk / Me nuh rich yet but watch who ago laugh when the ting set, dem gyal gonna get wey d duck get / Mek dem gyal blow d ting like trumpet, while life set / So ketch the rich walk, yea me all about the bag so a bag walk. Dem slow like snail, dem a crab walk / Me nuh start live nuh life yet, the dreams wey me have dem priceless / Post anything me waa my thing don’t private, me ting loud Coronation market,” he deejays.

Fans are ecstatic at the new song. One commented, “Finally a dance that I can do and one where the men ain’t whining up like girls. Whew!” while another chimed, “This looks fun and vibesy. That’s what’s missing in Dancehall. Ravers can’t do it on their own. We need more crews bringing that sauce and flava.”