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“RHOP” Star Mia Thornton Apologize To Nicki Minaj After Gucci Gifts Fiasco

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj has been spreading the Christmas cheer as she gifted some of the children of the “Real Housewives of Potomac” cast members Gucci bags and wallets with cash in them.

However, at least one mother is not happy that her child was left out and has called Nicki Minaj out for making it seem like she has favorites from the show.

Minaj appeared on Bravo’s Real Housewives of Potomac reunion as a guest host as they reflected on the last season of the show. Nicki Nicki’s presence on the show drove its ratings through the roof as her supportive fans tuned in. While some of the cast members did not like the tone of the questions asked by Nicki, it seems that for the most part, the “Super Bass” singer took time to know the women and even got information about their children.

That’s the only she would have been able to supply them the perfect Gucci gift for the holidays.

On Thursday, Gizelle Bryant shared that Minaj gifted her three daughters Gucci purses.

“I’m SPEECHLESS! So I’ve never bought my girls high-end bags because I always wanted to keep them HUMBLE,” wrote Gizelle. “Always felt like humility and gratitude is way more important than stylin and profilin for children. So for their 1st @gucci bag to be gifted by the MEGA ICON SUPERSTAR @nickiminaj for Christmas is PRICELESS! Nicki my kids are screaming thru the house [crying laughing emoji] You have made their YEAR! Thank you for being so sweet, this is beyond special,” said as she showed a photo of the girls holding the bags.

Bryant wasn’t the only one as Robyn Dixon, Ashley Boalch Darby, and Wendy Osefo also received gifts for their children.

Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj / IG

Dixon had shared a video showing her boys examining their wallets and finding $200 as they also thanked “Aunty Nicki”, for the lovely gifts.

Wendy Osefo did not share what her children received but sent her gratitude to Nicki Minaj.

“Just wanted to say thank you to @nickiminaj for the sweet Christmas gifts to my kiddies!! I’m out of the country right now but my notifications have been blowing up! She is a Queen in every sense of the word,” Osefo said as she thanked Minaj.

On the other hand, Mia Thornton did not receive anything and called the rapper out as she said her 13-year old child saw the gifts on social media.

“Guess I’m headed to the Gucci store…I forgot I have a 13-year-old who’s on social,” she said, hinting at the gifts.

She later came back online to say that she was sensitive about her children.

“if that means I have to buy them Gucci for Christmas so they don’t feel left out, I guess we are going to the Gucci store…sh*t I might buy out the dang gon store,” she said.

Meanwhile, Nicki Minaj, who caught wind of the commotion on social media, said that it was not her intention to leave out Thornton’s kids as she did not have an address for Mia.

“Mia, I was following you on IG but then your page disappeared. I asked and no one knew for sure how to find you or what was your real page anymore. I have receipts, I’ll gladly post them if you’d like me to. I don’t play like that about children. Pls send me the addy mama,” Minaj says as she offers to send Thornton’s children gifts.

Thornton had previously ranted about Minaj being extra hard on her on the show than any of the other women. However, Minaj had said she had equally treated all of the women the same during the reunion aired weeks ago.

Mia Thornton has since apologize to Nicki Minaj tweeting, “Queen. My sincere apologies.” She later added on Instagram, “When you know better, do better. I was wrong. @nickiminaj. #rhop.”