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Dancehall Legend Chaka Demus Shaken After Taxi Driver Pulled Gun On Him

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Some shocking news has emerged in which dancehall legend Chaka Demus, of the famous duo, Chaka Demus & Pliers, said he was threatened by an armed taxi driver earlier this week. He has alleged that the incident happened inside the Port Henderson Plaza in Portmore, St Catherine.

The shocking part is that he believed the incident happened because he asked the armed driver to give way. Chaka Demus, whose name is John Taylor, recalled that he was driving in the plaza when he noticed that a taxi had blocked his driveway. He responded by pressing his horn to let the driver know that he couldn’t park there.

When the driver didn’t move, he pressed his horn again, and that’s when “me see the man, the driver, come out shouting ray ray ray… ‘Hey b****boy come move di car an’ see if me nuh full you up a shot’ and back him gun.” He made the comments while recounting the incident to the Jamaica Star.

The “Bam Bam” singer said he was not too shaken as the incident happened around 2 p.m., but he did admit that he was shocked that the other driver would go to all those lengths especially considering he was in the wrong.

Chaka Demus added that he had no intention of going to the police and added that he was just grateful to be alive. He did, however, wish to let Jamaicans know just how dangerous the island has become and that anyone can be targeted or attacked.

He called on Jamaicans to wake up and understand that they are living in an indisciplined, lawless society and that it’s only getting worse.

“Monitor what the little ones are being exposed to on their phones and make them aware. Know who they are associated with and instill positive morals within them and their friends. Most importantly we need to put Jehovah first,” he continued.

In a video posted on his Instagram, Chaka Demus wrote, “So a taxi driver in a pro box back gun pan mi yesterday inna portmore .Man a block up the entrance I toot my horn 2 times for him to move. Him jump out of the car with the gun in holster, style and threaten me to full me up a shot. A Ras was beside drive up and tell me to stay calm. Suppose the situation had escalated you would a hear seh mi get shot up this morning. Dont like what #jamaica becoming. No matter how man wrong dem want use might beat right. This place need some order.”

Thankfully the dancehall veteran was not hurt, but he’s clearly a bit shaken by the incident as would anyone. This holiday season has seen a sharp rise in gun violence and robbery incident across the island and celebrities are not immune to it.