‘Jamaica Garrison Christmas Vol. 2’ Debut 3 Songs At Top Of iTunes Reggae Chart

Jamaica Garison Christmas
Contractor Music

The latest installation of the Jamaica Garrison Christmas album- The Sexy Edition reached a historic milestone on Saturday as the album held the top three spots on the competitive chart.

At No. 1 was “Carnival” by Jah Fabio featuring Gyptian, while No. 2 is “Destroyer” by Cashan featuring Jah Villani and No. 3 “Tonight” by Charly Black.

The Jamaica Garrison Christmas Volume 2: The Sexy Edition was released on Dec 17th, 2021, and is part 2 of the first album that was executive produced by Sean “Contractor” Edwards.

According to Edwards, this is the first time a Jamaican album has had the top three spots, all from the same album.

“Last year was more of a badman, gunman lyrics and badniss on the Garrison Christman inaugural album but the youths dem nuh realized that the gun is to defend not offend. Last year we say the country overflowing with gun violence so this year I decided to go with a more fun, playful approach, a sexy addition and that’s why we have Charly Black who deejays for the girls dem,” the producer, Contractor, told Urban Islandz about the part two of the dancehall Christmas album which has never been done before.

“This year it’s a feel-good project that’s still dancehall. I love the support that I got last year from the dancehall community and it’s a little out of my comfort zone to deal strictly with dancehall because I am more of a positive, pop, hip hop music but I love dancehall and I kept it dancehall. We incorporated some new artists from the United States- Zeke Don and Rude Wayne and we have our Jamaican deejays, and we have the Spanish market with Jah Fabio and we had Cashan and Lisa Mercedez out of London. The project is seeking a global audience and its dancehall, it feels good, its sexy, Jamaicans are sexy people and this album is a reflection of that,” the producer said.

Meanwhile, Charly Black who recently returned from the U.S after a successful tour for his debut album “Rio Bueno”, spoke about “Tonight,” which was produced by Dinesty Productions.

“We noticed that there was a problem with the gun violence and we moved away from that because we want to tell the gangsters, listen, life is about making money, enjoying money and enjoying life,” he said echoing sentiments by Edwards.

The project features seven songs from Jahvillani, Gyptian, females Cashan and Lisa Mercedes out of London, UK, Mexican Jah Fabio, and ZekeDon and Rude Wayne from the U.S.

Meanwhile, Charly Black is the headliner of the album, and his song has been a favorite for fans. The song hit No. 13 on the iTunes Canada All Genre song chart on Thursday.