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Spice Invite Openly Bisexual Fan On Stage To Diss Foota Hype At Bouce Musik Fest

Spice Foota Hype

Spice ridicules Foota Hype with the help of a bisexual fan during Orlando’s Bounce Musik Festival.

Jumping at the opportunity to take a jab at her nemesis, Foota Hype, the Queen of Dancehall Spice mocked the veteran selector at a recent concert in Orlando that they were both booked for. The dancehall legend was anything but regal on Sunday at the Galdiez Promotion’s event after a female fan joined her on stage during her set and revealed that she was bisexual.

Foota Hype and Spice have been at odds since November when she announced that she would be headlining the June 2022 Toronto Pride Festival. The two have since been back and forth with Foota, accusing her of shutting down his Instagram page. Foota then pleaded with her to return the show’s deposit, distance herself from the show, and not give in to the pressure of trying to fit in and be a part of a lifestyle that he said was not a part of Jamaica’s culture and tradition and therefore not accepted. Spice hit back, telling him that she does not discriminate against her fans and that straight or gay, they all buy her music and have supported her career. He also claimed that no matter what she tries, she will never be respected or included in some circles because of her color and that she should just accept that and move on.

Fuelled by this and other not so complimentary statements made by the selector turned social media commentator, a very mischievous Spice then added some fire to the ongoing feud. In the viral clips which have been circulating on social media, she called him to come out on stage and join her as the fan had stated that she was in search of a part-time female companion. Spice then asked, “Who see Foota Hype? Weh him deh? Cause him bloodcl**t deh pon di show. Him a gwan like a my problem so me want him tek up da problem yah.”

She further jabbed him when she asked the female patron the cost of the entry fee to the concert and was informed it was US$90. To this, Spice delivered a brutal undercut as she stated Foota Hype indirectly pocketed money from a member of the LGBTQ community who paid big bucks for her ticket to attend the event.

“You see fi you ninety dollar?” Spice said. “It pass through the promoter hands and then drop right inna Foota bloodcl**t pocket. Big up youself. A just dat alone me have fi sey. Look how much woman deh yah. Mi nuh business wey unnu waa do wid unnuself.”

Fans of both celebrities have been hard-pressed to keep up with all of their shenanigans as both have stubbornly refused to back down. Spice had previously shared several pictures of Foota posing in apparel made by famous LGBTQ designers, simultaneously calling him out for being hypocritical, while a defiant Foota has since announced the launch of his Str8 Nation clothing line.